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May 24, 2022

Student Council Officers:    President: Kacper Nieznalski  Vice President: Yelnur Abdushev  Treasurer: Mckay Eyre  Secretary: Sydney...

School Store Opening 
School Store Opening 
Yelnur Abdushev May 23, 2022

Imagine. You come to school and realize that you forgot to pack your lunch. You shuffle through your stuff in your backpack and find a few dollars....

The Media and Anti-Asian Hate Crimes
Erlan Benedis- Grab May 11, 2022

New York City has the largest population of Asian people of any city. It always had ethnic enclaves, as many Chinese settled during the turn...

An Inside Scoop on WESS Senioritis
An Inside Scoop on WESS Senioritis
WESS Senior Class May 9, 2022

The controversies of re-engagement extend further than the inflated grades 
Daisey Marciano and Eloise Wyndowe April 6, 2022

Re-engagement was meant to be a tool providing students with a second chance to fully master a topic they were once struggling to fathom. However,...

Blood Drive
April 6, 2022

Hello WESS Families! The WESS JHS is holding a blood drive please read the information below and sign up if you are interested!  When:...

China's Victory
Erlan Benedis-Grab February 9, 2022

  Tibet’s Civilization    As Dalia Lama and his CIA escort left Tibet, a civilizing force entered the land. While the old...

Pandemic Bake Sales 
Pandemic Bake Sales 
Yelnur Abdushev January 11, 2022

During the pandemic, many aspects of our school life came to a stop. Social events, club meetings, and bake sales were prohibited due to COVID...

The Price of Being a Woman
The Price of Being a Woman
Josie Letchford November 15, 2021

The Pink Tax. When people say men and women have equal rights, it always comes to mind.    There is a lot kept from us about the...

While online student communities may seem helpful for students, they can severely exacerbate stress and comparisons around standardized testing.
The Harmful Effects of Online Student Communities
Elisha V October 25, 2021

This past spring, I undertook the dreaded rite of passage for high school juniors: the SAT exam. After studying for weeks, finally sitting for...

Well-Washed: Complicated Corruption in the Trillion Dollar Wellness Industry 
Well-Washed: Complicated Corruption in the Trillion Dollar Wellness Industry 
Daisy Koffler June 21, 2021

Astrology, spirits, and healing methods have always intrigued me. I liked that meditation, cleanses, and colorful crystals are natural ways to...

Biden’s Swamp
Erlan Benedis- Grab April 20, 2021

46th U.S. President Joe Biden took his seat in the White House in January. His selected advisors have taken their newly granted positions in...

Zack Snyder's Justice League: A Review
Jose Carlos Serrano March 22, 2021

Zack Snyder’s Justice League, an essential remaster and remaking of 2017’s Justice League is an immensely dark, and extremely action packed...

African American Culture by Donald R. Wright
Yelnur Abdushev March 1, 2021

To understand the present, it is important to know the past. The narrative gives the reader valuable information about African American culture,...

Art around WESS
Art around WESS
Isabella Allensworth April 4, 2022

Art can be found all over wess however the third floor specifically is booming with art. This is because our art program has the high schoolers...

Broken Angels
Kelsey Merino Lalangui March 8, 2022

Guns and Nukes they shoot at them Land they demande from them to give up Breaking Ukraine’s free democratic government Breaking it...

Watchmen: Psychology and Significance
Jose Carlos Serrano February 28, 2022

Author’s Note: I would insist that you watch this first before reading:   1986’s Watchmen, helmed by writer Alan Moore and artist...

Batman - A Psychological Analysis
Jose Carlos Serrano January 20, 2022

Batman has been a staple in the comic industry and pop culture for nearly a century now and over the years numerous authors have taken stabs...

Queerbaiting in Film
Lea Efran December 19, 2021

To many people, queerbaiting might not seem like an important or prevalent issue. Some might not even know what the word means at all. But to...

Hot Days in October
Kiep Leon November 5, 2021

We remember when this was the time of pumpkin spice, To warm up our days and keep us happy Giggling under thick comforters at night. We...

Why White Knight's "Murphyverse" is an Absolutely Explosive Take on the Dark Knight
Jose Carlos Serrano October 25, 2021

    Sean Gordon Murphy absolutely remastered the character of Batman when he released critically acclaimed, “Batman: White Knight” back...

Archie Comics Celebrates 80th Anniversary ft. An Interview with Artist Dan Parent
Jose Carlos Serrano June 11, 2021

For almost a century Archie Comics, the characters being introduced in 1941, have been a staple of American culture. Most recently, the franchise...

WESS Track May 2022 Update
WESS Track May 2022 Update
Daisey Marciano and Eloise Wyndowe May 17, 2022

The WESS HS track team has become stronger and significantly larger since the beginning of the season which began in September. In the start...

2021 - 2022 WESS High School Varsity Basketball Team’s Post Game Photo Against Julia Richmen on December 6th, 2021. Photo taken by Nina Pappas.
Varsity Basketball’s FIRST Official PSAL Season!
Justin Marciano January 11, 2022

The time has finally come - 4 years later WESS is officially a part of the PSAL and the wait is finally over for high school student-athletes....

Casey Donohue sixth grade ELA teacher in the midst of running the marathon
Wess Teacher Runs NYC Marathon - What It Takes To Prepare For This Annual Run
Daisey Marciano and Eloise Wyndowe December 2, 2021

November 7, 2021 marked the 50th anniversary of the New York City Marathon. 30,000 people from all over the world trained for years to build...

Middle School Sports Are Back: “A Clean Slate” for Student Athletes to Grow a Passion
Justin Marciano November 8, 2021

“My main priority,” said Milton Pineda, the WESS Middle School Athletic Director, “is to get the kids back out there and provide sports...

Pictured left to right; Olivia Lovicii ‘26, Anna Fidel ‘26, Cara Bernard ‘26, and Clara Burns ‘25
PSAL Comes To WESS: For Girls, It's Just Volleyball
Camilla Fiordaliso November 7, 2021

A survey sent out in late August concerning Public Schools Athletic Leagues sports for the Fall excited WESS students as they eased their way...

WESS cross country team runners post-race at Ocean Breeze on September 12th. Photo taken by Coach Robert Dice.
WESS Runners Cross Their First Finish Line of 2021
Daisy Koffler October 13, 2021

Eleven WESS cross-country runners waited readily behind the starting line. A man ahead of them raised his arm up and shot the gun, signaling...

I Heart Manhattan Youth by LisaBPhoto is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
WESS After-school Programs Thrive Online
Elizabeth Alton March 1, 2021

After-school programming is an essential extension on the main school day for both working parents and students. These programs provide a place...

What Were The Best Super Bowl Commercials
Julia Kess February 22, 2021

What makes a Super Bowl commercial good? Is it the flare? The celebrity appearance? The comedy? Super Bowl commercials are different from your...

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