Surviving Freshman Year


Felix Russell-Saw frsphoto, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Every year in high school has its own individual challenges, sophomore, junior, and senior year can be tough, but freshman year-well that’s tricky. Freshman year arrives with its own obstacles and because we have Sophomores at WESS, they could share their scary stories, hopefully improving the lives of freshmen in the process.

The first tip given straight from the mouth of an upperclassman is when it comes to making friends, it’s quality over quantity. It is a flawed stereotype that a successful high school year is when you have an abundance of friends. Truthfully, you’re going to have a better high school experience if you have a couple of true friends rather than a bunch of fake ones.

After speaking to Theo Forstadt he said, “finding a group of trustworthy friends that will benefit you. A strong squad will take you a long way”. This is why it is crucial that you have a couple of people whom you really vibe with and are able to go to when times get tough.

A second piece of advice is to stay relaxed and calm. Now, this is easier said than done,  but instead of freaking out on a test, stay calm and release that college is a long time away. It is not difficult to feel stressed about the project but remember that there is always engagement. Stay collected and enjoy your year, for it will only get harder!

The third chunk of knowledge is to work hard and give your best effort in all of your classes. Many will say that freshman year is not important, but your working habits pave the way for the rest of high school. Sophie Locatellsays that your worth ethic can really matter and you want to make sure that you put effort in all years of high school. Once you have reached high school, you should start to learn your study habits and work methods that can lead to your success.

Finally, the last tip for surviving freshman year is to make sure that you are keeping your notes in check and pay attention in class. The regents may seem far away but they come faster than you know it. That is why it is crucial to start reviewing a long time in advance. Every three weeks look back at your notes so that retain the information you learned throughout the year.

Mia Blattmachr started studying for the regents four weekends before the test. “I felt completely unprepared and it was terrible spending every day on studying for regents”. Many kids last year had failed to understand this step and faced the consequences. So trust me, save yourself and pay attention in class so that you don’t have to cram in the end.

These are some of the tips to follow so that you can be the most successful freshman and have the best first year of high school. First off, try to have at least one friend to rely on, keeping the key message of quality over quantity. Remember to stay calm, as well as work hard as you can because these work habits are the keys to prosperity. Study for your regents ahead of time, look at your notes from time to time and take in this period of growth. You are only in high school once, you are not going to school forever. Although it may be tough and seem rather stressful, you are ready for whatever challenges freshman year throws at you!