5 Tips and Tricks for Combatting the Quarantine – Fifteen 

Daisy Koffler

The “Quarantine – Fifteen” is the catchy name for the weight being gained all across the country as we are cooped up in our homes with alluring Netflix Originals and snacks to binge all day. With gyms closed, the social distancing regime, and the constant release of depressing news related to the Coronavirus makes it difficult to conjure up the motivation for working out and eating healthy. I know I am struggling to stay in shape, and many others across the internet have expressed similar concerns. This list contains a few strategies I’m employing for a healthy diet and quick workouts.


  1. Actually Reading the Serving Size 

Snacking is not a crime. In fact, it is recommended to have a couple of snacks in between the three main meals of the day. The serving size label is out of a 2000 calorie diet, the standard caloric intake the average individual should consume (I personally do not count calories however it is helpful for some!). The serving size label personally helps me with portion control. I have had countless experiences where I have walked into the kitchen, planning to eat a small snack, and exited the kitchen with the box. This “small snack” quickly cascades into me eating an entire week’s worth of crackers….in fifteen minutes. For a couple days, try using the serving size and see if it works for you!



  1. At Home Conditioning

I have struggled to regularly workout and go for runs like I do during normal life. Due to my change in regular routine, each day I have tried to include five to ten minutes of easy exercises that I can do in my room with no equipment. Here is a five minute cardio workout I have been using that will burn some calories and only takes just a few minutes from the day! This is an ab workout that only takes five minutes as well. Maybe try out one of these videos or do a few exercises that work for you. It feels good to get moving after being quarantined all day! 


  1. Teas that Speed up the Metabolism 

This is a regime I have incorporated into my diet long before the Coronavirus and I have found that it makes me feel super refreshed! I drink lots of green tea for the health benefits it provides, including speeding up the metabolism. This is only one of the wonders it works (but definitely a good for combating the Quarantine – Fifteen). This article lists out health improvements green tea provides. Other teas known to speed up metabolism are ginger tea, peppermint tea, white tea, oolong tea, and black tea. There are teas out there marketed as “detox teas” or “cleansing,” often promoted by Instagram influencers like the Kardasians that seem intriguing. Though I have not tried these myself, the “Hey Girl Time to Cleanse” tea received really popular Amazon reviews and is made of all natural ingredients. 


  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

This one may seem gross – but drinking one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (also known as ACV) is proven to provide numerous health benefits including weight loss. I have been drinking one tablespoon with breakfast and one after dinner. Although it does not taste the best, the effects it has on your body are totally worth it. Read more about this here. I highly recommend trying this! 


  1. Walking up Stairs

Most apartment buildings have staircases. Walking or jogging up stairs can be a super intense leg and cardio workout. This could get your heart rate and muscles going without having to go outside. Stairs are extremely tiring but great for getting strong legs. Try briskly walking up the stairs for fifteen minutes a day. Put headphones in to make it more enjoyable!