WESS Side Stories 2020-2021 Application!



WESS Side Stories (West End Secondary’s student newspaper) is excited to welcome students and parents back to school this fall. While this is undeniably not going to be a regular school year, clubs are more important than ever. Participating as a member of the student newspaper gives students the opportunity to actively engage with their peers and grow their creative talents, providing an outlet for students to share their voice. In an application that is going live today, and will close on October 7nd, we’re asking students with interests in writing, art, networking, website design, and more, to apply to join the WESS Side Stories community and work on our student newspaper.


Schedule + Details:

Starting on the 9th of October, students will participate in two weekly meetings, one on Monday, and one on Thursday. On Monday, they’ll discuss/plan their project for the week, and on Thursday, close it out, and get their final products ready for publication. 


Can’t commit to the schedule, but still want to get involved? No problem! Email [email protected] throughout the year to submit work, and be featured on our website as a guest contributor.


Interest Meeting

On the 29th (next Tuesday), we invite students to join us at 3:15 via zoom for an interest meeting. There we’re going to go into depth about the program we’re planning for this coming year, and give you a chance to ask any questions you might have in a more open forum. The link for that zoom meeting is here: https://zoom.us/j/94722255791?pwd=Vk5EcFp1djFRSm44SE9lSytlMVkvQT09 (Meeting ID: 947 2225 5791

Passcode: MLn0jp).



We’re super excited to grow as journalists, artists, and members of the school community with all of you this year! We want to stress that this application is open to all WESS Students in both Middle and High School, and that no prior experience is necessary to apply for any sections. The main purpose of this application is to make sure that everyone who applies feels up to the commitment of being a member of the Newspaper, and less about a selection process. 


The sections that you can apply for are as follows, Reporting, Visual Arts, Multimedia, Digital Information Management (Website Design/Social Media upkeep), and Admin (check out the Admin application google form for more info on this section). The links to the google forms that we would like you to use to apply are pasted below. Please only fill out one google form based on whichever section you would like to join. To ensure that you apply for the section that you think would be the best fit for you, please make sure that you read the description box of each google form before applying. If you have any issues with or questions about your application, don’t hesitate to reach out. 


Save the Date:

While we’re sending out this information about our application cycle, we also wanted to include a bit of information about forthcoming projects that we’ve been working on over the past few weeks. Tentatively set for early October, Wess Side Stories is going to be hosting a virtual club fair. If you run a club/are part of a club that isn’t yet in contact with us, and you want your club to be represented, please shoot us a quick email. 


Additionally, the WESS Newspaper is going to be hosting a few fundraisers over the next month to pay for our website software. In order to raise that money, we’re going to be hosting a raffle in early October, and a Ted Talk event in late October (stay tuned for more info on those initiatives to come). 



The Editing Staff of WESS Side Stories


Admin – https://forms.gle/gCBpAh7BjiJhYKev8

DIM (Digital Information Management)- https://forms.gle/FQQGZimQAmtjvKxe9

Reporting – https://forms.gle/xkdWLPMKNctYXzTf9

Multimedia – https://forms.gle/NdwvdTYm8waMcuDw5

Visual Arts – https://forms.gle/ebUvzNvkbESMhqfa7


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