A Guide to Netflix’s Current Top Ten List 


Daisy Koffler

A few months ago, Netflix added a feature for subscribers to see the Top Ten movies and TV shows being watched across the country. The list is updated regularly, inspiring friends to watch the hottest content and compare their thoughts. Here are the current items on the Top Ten list along with their summaries. 


1. Queen’s Gambit


Queen’s Gambit is a Netflix Original limited series that was recently released. Set in an orphanage in the 1950s, a young girl is found to have an astounding ability to play chess. She begins an unusual journey to fame in the world of chess all while battling addiction. The series is seven episodes, all between forty five to sixty five minutes long. Watch it while you can!


2. Barbarians 

Second on the list, Barbarians is a dramatic TV series about a Roman officer’s challenge between two allegiances. The Roman officer has connections to a powerful empire that raised him and his own tribal people, and his conflict will lead to a legendary historical event. This TV show is action packed, exciting, and only one season! 



3. Over The Moon

Over The Moon is an animated movie about an intelligent young girl who builds a rocket to go to the moon in order to prove that a mythical moon goddess exists. This PG movie has great graphics, an engaging plot, and a heartfelt message. Great for a family movie night!



4. Unsolved Mysteries

If you like crime shows and suspense, Unsolved Mysteries is a must watch. This documentary series reports on perplexing cases of unsolved disappearances, murders, and even paranormal encounters that have really happened. All episodes are under an hour and the second season is now available. This ominous TV show will get you in the Halloween mood. 



5. The Haunting of Bly Manor

This new Netflix series is from the creator of The Haunting of Hill House and offers viewers a similarly bone chilling experience! Watch The Haunting of Bly Manor to see a au pair working at a large and creepy mansion learn frightening secrets of the estate. I’m already hooked! Only nine episodes, all under an hour’s time. 



6. My Next Guest With David Letterman

Icon David Letterman collaborates with interesting celebrities and global figures for viewers to watch in-depth interviews and interesting conversations that occur in the show. The recently released episodes with brand new guests in season three have launched this show to the country’s sixth most popular watch on Netflix right now. 




7. Grand Army 

Grand Army, set in New York City, centers around a group of students in high school battling a diverse range of social challenges that are hotly debated today. In addition to creating awareness for certain issues, this show contains drama, emotions, and characters that make the viewer want to keep watching. Eleventh grader Jaden Botte says she enjoys this show because of its “accurate depiction of NYC high schools and found all the characters to be really likeable.” Netflix has already renewed Grand Army for a second season!


8. CoComelon 


This family friendly TV show is happy and educational! This series can teach young viewers about letters, numbers, animal sounds, and more through music and animation. If you want to learn some fun rhymes or refresh your alphabetical knowledge, check out CoComelon! 




9. Rebecca 


In this movie, a newlywed woman moves into her husband’s austentatious estate where she must grapple with a frightening housekeeper and the eerie shadow of his dead former wife. This thriller will be great for a Halloween night in!


10. Schitt’s Creek 

Schitt’s Creek, a popular TV show, has just released new episodes to Netflix and claimed a spot on the Top Ten list of the most watched content in the US right now. Schitt’s Creek is a comedy series about a formerly rich family that suddenly goes broke and is forced to live in a dilapidated hotel in a town they once bought as a joke. For a good laugh, try an episode of Schitt’s Creek!