Bernie Shouldn’t Have Endorsed Biden

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders

Erlan Benedis- Grab

During the lead up to the election, Biden reaffirmed his support with big business. Despite Trump’s steadfast attempts to paint him as a marxist radical, his administration has pledged not to rock the boat for corporate interests. His administration is considering Republicans to his cabinet, has pledged to maintain troop levels in Afghanistan, and will continue fracking. Despite all this Bernie endorsed him and his policies; I don’t think he should have. 


DNC Rigged Primary

At the time of 2016, it’s no secret that the DNC (The Democratic national committee)  establishment had hostility towards Bernie While purporting to be a neutral organization through the primary it was effectively controlled by Hillary’s campaign. This is because the DNC was effectively a puppet of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The most damning evidence came from the Wikileaks release and Donna Brazile’s (Interim chair of the DNC) own admission, revealing that she leaked debate questions to Hillary. She also said the DNC was $24 million dollars in debt and it was paid off by the Hillary campaign. In exchange for that, the Hillary campaign would have joint control over the DNC’s budget, staff, expenditures, and analytics. Clinton also had full control over the Hillary victory fund but on paper, it was a DNC controlled fund for the DNC and state races. However, Clinton funneled the money to pay off the DNC’s debts as well as her own campaign. This was launched in 2015 and existed throughout the primary. All of this is a clear ethics breach but corruption was nothing new to Hillary.


It’s not just the elections, it’s the media as well.. The filters of mass media are used to maintain the capitalist hegemony. Firstly, the ownership of mass media is exclusively that of the bourgeoisie class; they ensure the reporting of their company is in line with what they believe. Secondly, since these companies run on for profit models, advertising is an interest this will take precedence over quality reporting. For CNN and MSNBC, their top contributors are uniform in thought and mind. To any who dare challenge it’s power, they will discredit and smear. That’s exactly what they did to Bernie. Individually, Chuck Todd, who has millions of average viewers, compares Bernie to the Nazis, while Chris Matthews will red bait about executions in Central Park. This is an example of the fear filter to portray one entity as evil to scare people. This ensured the complicity of the media in the Iraq war, because Saddam was the “evil nuclear Dictator.”  To try to stop they pushed anyone who is not Bernie. For example, Klobuchar, who got crushed by Bernie in New Hampshire, was covered by the corporate media as ““Klomentum,” though when it became clear Klobuchar is one of the cringiest people on Earth, they switched to Biden. They will not tolerate anyone threatening their capital, even a moderate social Democrat like Bernie. 


Left will take the Blame in Any Scenario 

Despite all the DNC’s election meddling in 2016, they refused to take responsibility. In leaked DNC emails, the DNC’s top press secretary wanted to change the narrative about the race. He wrote, “there was no DNC conspiracy, it’s because they never had their act together.” Still,  last year Hillary said Bernie was a “puppet of the Russians.” Despite Bernie holding 39 rallies in 13 states for Hillary, it was never enough for her. They always try to shift the narrative, such as by convincing people that Bernie voters somehow helped Trump. Statistically, this is false; in fact, less Bernie voters voted for Trump than Hillary voters did for Mccain in 2008. With the Democrats barely eeking out a win on a fully corporatist platform, while embracing grifters like the Lincoln Project. While managing to raise $67 million in a bid to win moderate Republicans, they actually went negative. Trump increased his Republican votes by 3 points, that money would have been bonfire and it would have had more of an impact. Still, Kasich is quick to blame the left while degrading every shred of empirical evidence in front of him. Weed legalization? 70%, M4a 69%, Green new deal 60%. The worse part? Pelosi and Biden will take this advice wholeheartedly and adopt these Republicans into the new administration. 


Policy Concessions 

To revise what I said earlier, I don’t think Bernie should have endorsed Biden across the board, but rather he should have gotten meaningful policy concessions in exchange for his support. Give him a list of demands, even if he doesn’t pledge support for all of it. This is preferable to these so-called “unity commissions” that are just formalites. The real question is, what if Biden or the corporate Democrats say no to these demands? The ones who back unity commissions would do nothing. What garutness Biden will even support the watered down unity commissions proposal.  For the sake of progressive policy the simple alternative is not to support Biden. I’m not saying you don’t have to vote for him, but progressives shouldn’t lift a finger to help Biden win the white house in terms of campaigning unless real concessions are achieved.