How Can You Stay Active During A Pandemic?


Aleeyah Slater

As we all know, COVID-19 has everybody stuck inside, isolated from the outside world. Despite this, there are still many ways to exercise, both inside and out. And, through the trials and tribulations of COVID, kids at WESS have definitely been doing their part to stay active during quarantine. 


One eighth grade WESS student, Lydia Sachs, says she has been “running sometimes in the morning or afternoon.” Anna Rosenstien also said, “One thing I do to be active during coronavirus is to take walks…just trying to get outside as much as possible.” Running and walking are a common thread for most of the students interviewed, because it is easy and accessible to everyone. It’s also a perfect activity for families with dogs, because it is great for both the dogs and the people!

If you like to get outside, but aren’t a big fan of walking, then there are plenty of other outside activities you can do. For example, Scarlett Pries says she has been “playing soccer in the park,” while Anna Fidel says that she likes to “meet up with some volleyball friends.” 


However, not everyone has to exercise outside, if that’s not your thing. Isabella Allensworth says she does “distanced dance 4 days a week.” Also, Avner Avitsur added, “I play (active) games on my VR…like Beatsaber. Also, I use the rowing machine that my family got.” 


There are more traditional exercises that you can do at home as well, not just dancing or games. Alianna Ribadeneira says she “sometimes does at home exercise videos.”  Niamh Werner also puts in that she “has gotten into Pilates recently.”


All-in-all, the important thing is that everyone should do their best to stay active and exercise, even while we are stuck indoors. Exercise is helpful for many things, such as, “weight management…reduce(ing) your health risk..(and) strengthen(ing) your bones and muscles” according to the CDC. All of these benefits are especially important now that we are not traveling around school or the city as much as we were before COVID.