What is Operation Christmas Drop?


Osakabe Yasuo

“JASDF and USAF Airmen deliver Operation Christmas Drop donations” by #PACOM is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Yaretzi Guerrero

Operation Christmas Drop is one of the most humble acts of kindness that the air force has done for islands that have no electricity and live on what they have on the island like trees, fruits , wood etc.  Why does the air force do this? Well no one can say for sure but this shows that the air force and many people have compassion. Many countries around the world do Christmas Drop. What is the Christmas Drop you may ask? Well Christmas Drop is where the air force uses their planes to drop boxes full of supplies that are needed or supplies for kids like books markers etc. The supplies are costly and most people donate the food and the books etc. The more people donate the more boxes will be filled and on Christmas day and it is so nice to know how much people care about each other. Now with the pandemic it is hard to tell if the christmas drop will be happening but still we can be humble just like these people. Merry Christmask!🎄😷