Outside Sports in the Winter – Challenges To Do In Cold Weather

Ice Skating by miskan is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

“Ice Skating” by miskan is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Emmanuelle Blanchard

During COVID-19, lots of people have been staying inside, and not getting enough exercise.  Although it is recommended that you stay inside, that doesn’t mean you should neglect getting you body moving outside. In fact, getting exercise can also prevent COVID-19 from getting you sick.  Exercise and eating healthy boost the immune system, which can help you fight viruses like COVID.  Being healthy, with a strong immune system can keep you safe during this crisis.  Sadly, the real problem is that as it gets colder, and COVID-19 levels rise, people who would normally go out and run, bike, or do other physical activity, are staying home. In cold weather, try these challenges!

1 – Run or bike at least one mile a day.  One mile a day is not that much, really.  The average person can run a mile in 10-30 minutes.  And if you bundle up, it’s not hard!

2 – Try an exercise app!  Peloton gives 90 day free trials if you are interested.  There is a wide spectrum of exercises, from weight lifting, to yoga!

3 – Set a challenge for yourself!  Try planking for 1 minute per day, or do burpees in your living room!


Some people do sports in their free time, but now have to do it while social distancing .  If that’s you, then go outside and practice with a family member, or a friend!  Even as it gets colder, there really isn’t an excuse for not exercising!  Just bundle up and go!

In the words of Marathon runner Jennifer Smith, “There’s always a reason not to,” Marathon runner Jennifer Smith said “The best thing to do is go out there and do it.”   meaning you can always find an excuse for something you don’t want to do, like “It’s too cold”, or “It’s too late”.