AMA Performances!

Yaretzi Guerrero

  Did you miss the performances of Billie Eilish, Jlo, and Dua lipa? Well I am here to give you a recap of those performances. Let’s think back to how all these artists came in, their looks, and the best of all the music (it is a music show after all). Every artist that performed has one thing in common: they all love making music! So let’s get started! 


Billie Eilish came in with a stunning look! She had on a big baggy sweater with some green, red, and black colors that looked like spray paint. She also had on big shorts that just like her sweater had red and green colors. As everyone knows Billie Eilish has a new single called Therefore I Am and she performed that song for the AMA’s.


There were only 2 musicians on stage, one who played the electric guitar and one who played the drums. They had masks because of Covid-19. 


Dua Lipa entered the stage with a sparkling outfit that was sure to make her shine. She also released her new song Levitating. Her performance proved she wasn’t joking, because she was literally levitating high in the air in her performance! Can you believe it!? Dua Lipa had back up dancers but as Billie Eilish they had to maintain some distance and wear masks at all times. Dua Lipa had no mask because she had to sing but she was able to follow the social distancing protocols. Dua Lipa’s new song and performance was the best of the night for some people but others it could have been someone else. 


Now we have Jlo also known as Jennifer Lopez performing in a black outfit. She was not alone of course, she was with someone… Maluma! They sang their hit duo Pa ti with back up dancers and all wearing masks. Some people say that their performance was not distanced and others are wondering if there is something going on between them. 


I was able to interview some people and asked them what they think about the performances. Sahara, a sixth grader said this about Billie Eilish Performance “I think that it was like she was trying to tell someone something. She sounds like she is bragging“. Beatrix Fromm a sixth grader commented on Jennifer Lopez (Jlo) performance. “I think that she was talking to somebody,” Fromm said. “I liked how she talked in a whisper. I feel like they are strong lyrics“.  Lastly someone who would also like to remain anonymous replied this about Dua Lipa’s performance “I loved how she danced and especially when she was in the air. Awesome!”.  I personally loved Billie Eilish’s performance. She made me gasp when she purposely fell backwards behind the stage and came back around like nothing happened! 


All these artists have a unique eye, and I was at the edge of my seat in all these performances. Watch these videos for yourself and tell me what you think about it. (Leave a comment down below with or without your name and tell us what you liked, loved and what you did not like.) Yaretzi signing off ✌🏼!