College Board Opportunities for High School Students

Yelnur Abdushev

The class of 2022 may apply for scholarships of up to $40,000, sponsored by the College Board. The College Board Opportunity Scholarship is open to Class of 2022 students, which is WESS’s current 11th grade, in the US, Puerto Rico and US territories regardless of citizenship status.

There are no family income requirements to participate in this scholarship opportunity. At least half of scholarships are reserved for students whose family income is less than $60,000 a year. The College Board opportunity offers nearly $5 million in scholarships each year as a way to reward students for their efforts to plan and pay for college. This scholarship program expands equality by giving an opportunity to  low-income students to raise money to pay for their education.  


Students eligible for the program must complete six steps for six separate chances of winning $500. After students complete all six steps, they will be entered into a draw for a $40,000 scholarship. Students can still earn money even if they don’t complete all six steps. 


The six steps are: 

  1. Build your college list
  2. Practice for the SAT
  3. Explore scholarships
  4. Strengthen your college list 
  5. Complete the FAFSA
  6. Apply to Colleges


I interviewed a WESS student about whether they think this is a good opportunity for high school students and would they participate in such an opportunity. Their opinion is quite interesting. 


Junior Daisy Koffler thinks this scholarship program is a good opportunity and she would participate if she was taking the SAT.  

I do think this is a good opportunity for high school students, especially kids that would consider themselves good test takers. In addition to motivating kids to study and earn scholarships, this potentially helps students who come from families that can’t afford tuition. It is great to make education more affordable. If I were taking the SAT, I would participate just in case I am one of the lucky few to earn a scholarship.”             


CollegeBoard offers a great opportunity to boost your academics and preparation for the college application, by offering scholarships that can be directed to pay your college tuition fee. You can earn money, for what you already do! Contact College Board Ambassador at WESS, Yelnur Abdushev with any questions via this email