What do Birthdays Look Like in the Pandemic?


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Yaretzi Guerrero

My birthday was in July when the pandemic was really being taken seriously and everyone was at home safe. I really was looking forward to going places and having fun with my family and friends. Then the pandemic came and we had to stay home and celebrate with a cake and my favorite food. Some things that made that day special is that my mom and grandma made me food that I love so even though not that much money was spent, there was no shortage of love in the food. I also was at the comfort of my home with my family. The pandemic definitely did not stop people from giving me presents! What are Birthdays looking like during the pandemic and how can we make them something to remember? So I am here to give you an idea on both topics so let’s get started!

It has almost been a year, so most people have had a quarantine birthday. Now because of Covid-19 kids are not allowed to have huge parties with friends and family or go anywhere. Of course kids have found creative ways to have the best birthday party even with some restrictions. 



Birthdays may have some social distancing, people with masks at all times, purel in hand, washing hands etc. Some parties are even out in the open air but others are at home and maybe had people on facetime singing happy birthday to them. Can we really know what every party will look like? No, but we can give you some ideas on how to make your winter B-day the best of the year!

There are so many ideas that we can do for birthdays in the pandemic. One thing that we can do is do a zoom call with family and friends. We can have games on zoom like maybe for a kids party have a Kahoot! We can even guess it with the whiteboard on zoom. There are so many ways that we can have fun even without being in person. 


What are WESS Students Doing?

Brandon, a sixth grader, also made plans to spend his birthday indoors.

For my birthday I celebrated with my family that I lived with. We did order some cake and it was kinda dull. It was kinda in the middle of the pandemic,” Brandon said.

Brandon had some suggestions for a safe birthday indoors.

“Well I think first and foremost you should stay safe “What I would do is get on a zoom call and project it on the tv. If you can’t spend the most time with your eternal family.”

Sofia Fong-Causone, a sixth grader at WESS also plans to stay indoors.

“This year for my birthday since we can’t go anywhere I probably will stay home and have cake.” 

Sofia has some helpful ideas on how you can have a safe and fun birthday party. 

“Well sometimes on my birthday when it is not super cold I invite my friends to the park and we play soccer or something.”


These are just a few ways you can have fun on your birthday. We can’t go out like we usually do but we can still make our birthday a day to remember. Just remember to maintain distance and follow all the restrictions. Have a safe and fun happy birthday!