Wandavision POTENTIAL PLOT + Analysis


“Elizabeth Olsen & Paul Bettany” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Jose Carlos Serrano

Disney has just recently announced their new plans for their streaming service Disney+ that includes a plethora of Marvel and Star Wars series’ leaving everyone excited for the new direction these franchises will take. One series in particular that has received its second trailer is the anticipated WandaVision series which stars Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany as Vision. Fans are anticipating a lot from this series and what It’ll offer so here’s a few of my theories that I’ve deduced for WandaVision

Quick Overview: 

The series is going to be the first to come out in Phase 4 of the MCU’s (Marvel Cinematic Universe) lineup of films and series’ after Phase 3 ended with Spiderman: Far From Home starring Tom Holland. 

The premise of WandaVision appears to take place in what seems to be a sitcom ranging from those around the 1950’s to around the 1980’s and 90’s. 

This raises the question of why they are in the sitcom and how is Vision alive after the events of Avengers: Infinity War where Thanos tore the Soul Stone out of Vision’s head for the Infinity Gauntlet, killing him. After the  two trailers that have been released, fans have seen no trace of the Avengers either which makes us all curious to what is really going on. 

Potential Plot:

To understand what’s happening here we need to know a few things. First off, Wanda Maximoff’s abilities to shape reality itself could have a major role in this. We do know that Wanda is deeply saddened and most likely even traumatized by the death of Vision, who she was in a  relationship with. This is shown in Avengers: Endgame where she almost kills The Avengers wanted to use the stones to bring back the people that were “snapped” away by Thanos in the events of Infinity War. Wanda Maximoff was one of the 50% that were eliminated by Thanos using the Infinity Gauntlet. In the process of going back in time, the Avengers involuntarily brought back Thanos from 2014 (the premise of Endgame is in 2023). When Wanda finds the 2014 Thanos during the end battle, she essentially almost crushes him before he calls an aerial strike from his ship to stop her.

Knowing that Wanda is grieving over the loss of Vision she could be using her reality-bending abilities to create a “perfect” reality, hence the sitcom. For the most part, sitcoms try to compel this image of a perfect lifestyle. This theory would make sense considering the fact that Vision is making a return in the series despite his death. Throughout the trailer, we see Vision and other characters questioning what’s happening around them; which could be due to the fact that they are living in an artificial reality made by Wanda Maximoff. Even Wanda herself questions what’s happening which might mean  that she has lost herself in her own artificial reality and has forgotten the real world, sort of like an Inception style scenario.

It is also to be noted that Vision still has the mind stone in his head whereas in Infinity War it was ripped out by Thanos. This could be another clear indicator that the sitcom is all an artificial reality that Wanda made. 

Are Wanda and Vision Trapped?

Another theory I’ve deduced is perhaps Wanda is trapped in her reality and forgot who she was. She thinks that the sitcom life she lives with Vision is real and has no past memories of the Avengers or even her own abilities. If we look at the photo that shows Wanda changing the reality around her, I cannot notice but see the confused look she has on her face as if the powers she is using are somewhat new to her. Maybe when she made this new reality, she wiped her memories because they were too painful. The pain coming from the death of Vision in Infinity War, Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers in Endgame. Or perhaps she made a deal with Mephisto, who is a demon-like creature from Marvel Comics. He’s famously known for saving Aunt May’s life in exchange for Peter Parker’s and Mary Jane’s marriage so they were never married in Spider-Man: One More Day from 2007. The memories were too painful for Wanda and perhaps allowed Mephisto to create this “perfect” world with her and Vision in exchange for her existence in the real world. Wanda and Vision seem to see that the world around them is odd in a way, and with Wanda’s memories wiped they cannot escape if they wanted to or even know how they got there. It seems that the more Wanda and Vision question and learn about themselves, the sitcom advances a few years. At the beginning of the WandaVision Official Trailer, we start in a 1950’s sitcom and end in an 1980’s one. In the trailer, Wanda and Vision watch themselves transform from their black and white selves into color. 

Wanda could be trapped in this reality of hers and could tie into the next Doctor Strange movie titled Multiverse of Madness where he has to reverse the damage Wanda has done or investigate into it. 

Wanda In Some Sort of Prison?

A theory that I thought that’s worth acknowledging is the fact that Wanda could indeed be in some sort of prison to protect the world from her. After the events of Endgame and the deaths of people she knew, she could have lost control of her powers making celestial figures such as Doctor Strange or the Government step in to combat the situation as I mentioned earlier. They could have trapped her in a different dimension in the Multiverse as we saw Doctor Strange thrust through in Doctor Strange 2016. 

Perhaps Wanda was deemed too dangerous for Earth and had to be taken away for the good of the people of the planet and herself. As I mentioned before, Marvel has slated a second Doctor Strange movie so perhaps we could see a connection to WandaVision.

Wanda Asked Doctor Strange to Create This Reality For Her?

Perhaps Wanda was not powerful enough to make her own reality and decided to rely on the power of sorcery. We do know that Doctor Strange and others like him do have the ability to go to other realities and dimensions and we know for a fact that in Infinity War, Strange saw about 14 million realities using the Time Stone. Even though the Time Stone has been destroyed, Strange could still somehow have a play in what’s happening in this series. It has been confirmed that Wanda Maximoff will make an appearance in the Doctor Strange sequel so it’s only a matter of time until we see the entire story unfold. 

What Does This Mean For the Other Members of the MCU?

Knowing that Wanda is now potentially in another reality, do the Avengers exist in this world? If that’s the case, that means that the likes of Tony Stark and others could be in this reality, real or not. Or they may appear if not as their superhero counterparts. And what is happening to Wanda in the real world? Are the Avengers or anyone else trying to take her out of the reality she’s in? This could be the case as we can see a grown-up Monica Rambeau who we last saw as a child in Captain Marvel who starred Brie Larson in 2019. She is seen thrown back in the WandaVision Official Trailer and then we see her again flying out of the sky out of what appears to be a television screen before she falls down onto the earth with military forces around her. Perhaps Rambeau now works for the military who are now involved in trying to get Wanda out of her fake reality as it could be causing problems in the real world. Rambeau perhaps tried to tell Wanda she was living in a fake world but Wanda didn’t want to hear it and threw her out. This could tell us that the government here could now have access to technology that can take us into different realities or the minds of other people. Or, they could be in contact with figures such as Doctor Strange to help them perhaps?

Closing Remarks:

All in all, with the trailers and information that’s been provided for WandaVision there is still a lot to theorize about and discuss. With potential ties with comics, characters not even introduced into the MCU yet, and more, there’s still a lot of information to unpack here. All these potential plots could indeed have a role in the WandaVision series and I’m very excited to see how it unfolds. Until new information and the series itself comes out January 2021, we can only speculate the direction WandaVision will take the MCU.