Looking Back on 2020


“Happy New Year 2018” by davidyuweb is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Emmanuelle Blanchard

2020 hasn’t been great- for a number of reasons.  The new coronavirus outbreak has been a major letdown.  But, if you think about it positively, 2020 has been very special.  For starters, people could grow closer to family, literally, and figuratively! 


Being in close quarters with someone might get annoying, but Julien Spohngellert, 6th grader at West End Secondary has his own opinions. He says, “I’ve got to spend more time with my three brothers who are always working”.  


People who are normally on business trips or traveling get to spend more time with their family, even over zoom!  

It’s not only togetherness, though.  This year’s 6th grade class has it’s first year here at WESS.


Fia Sharp, a 6th grader at WESS, says, “One amazing part of 2020 was being able to go to WESS and really become a part of the community here.” 


Another WESS student, Ela Oksoy, is just glad that she could go to school- even though it was temporary. “Something good that happened in 2020 was when the schools were allowed to open in September and we could go in person, even though the arrangement didn’t last that long. We got to see our friends and meet new people for the first time without zoom.”


April Ortiz, another 6th grader, thinks about 2020 more environmentally. Ortiz believes that 2020 has not only benefitted us- in some ways- but has also benefitted the planet itself! 


“Our planet got a minute to breath,” Ortiz said. Years of human interference in nature’s functioning had caused considerable damage to the earth. With total disregard to the needs of other living beings, we humans had encroached upon their territories, pushing some species of plants and animals to extinction. But now that we are caged inside our homes, air and noise pollution is minimal.”

2020 hasn’t been one for the hall of fame, but it has been special.