Lights, Camera, Action: WESS Proudly Presents The Film Club

film by popturfdotcom is licensed under CC BY 2.0

“film” by popturfdotcom is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Caroline Campbell

Have you ever wished for a place to discuss great movies with other people who share an appreciation for cinema? If so, the WESS Film Club is the place for you. 


Founders Rory Ichelson, Sebastian Macias-Torres, and Xavier Czarnecki came together to bring their love of film to WESS. With the help of AP Literature and Composition teacher Aristo Orginos, the WESS Film Club was established.    


The club hopes to shed light on some films that are not as well known by younger generations. In doing so, the co-founders feel as though club members will be able to not only appreciate different genres of film, but also appreciate different aspects of a great film.


While time limits the club from watching full movies, “I feel that we will be able to introduce club members to movies they might not be familiar with, as well as discuss the components of a good movie,” said Ichelson.


The club wants to focus on aspects of a movie such as cinematography, dialogue, acting, etc. The club leaders, “hope to demonstrate this by showing movie clips that are great examples of those elements of film,” said Ichelson. 


While there are many films the founders already wish to share with the club, Ichelson says another club goal is to incorporate movies that all members want to watch. Since the club will be exploring many different genres, members are encouraged to share their suggestions on a running Google Form the club will share with all members.


The club will meet on Zoom every other Tuesday at three in the afternoon Along with the club leaders meetings will also be accompanied by Aristo Orginos. The Film Club is excited to become a part of the WESS community and hopes to connect students through the love of movies.