What’s Next Now That the Biden Administration is in Power?


Adam Schultz

“Announcement of Senator Kamala Harris as Candidate for Vice President of the United States – Wilmington, DE – August 12, 2020” by Biden For President is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Jose Carlos Serrano

President Joseph R. Biden and Vice President Kamala D. Harris were both inaugurated Wednesday making history as having the first Woman and Woman of color to become Vice President. Inauguration Day began with the departure of now former President Donald J. Trump taking off from the White House in a military chopper to Joint Base Andrews for his farewell speech. Former President Trump decided to purposely skip over President Biden’s inauguration event breaking the 150 year streak of former presidents attending the current one’s inauguration. Former Vice President Pence decided to not go to Trump’s farewell speech event but instead to stay true to tradition and attend Biden’s inauguration. Several other prominent Trump advocates also acknowledged and respected Biden’s win such as now Minority leader Mitch McConnell who as well gave gifts to both Biden and Harris, both a large United States flag each. Aside from common formalities and hospitalities, this really shows us the great divide from Republicans and Trump in light of the recent assault on Capitol Hill. 

At the inauguration event, many former Presidents, celebrities, and more all appeared there to celebrate Biden’s victory. Passionate speeches were made during the inauguration with Biden’s talking of unity, bringing the country together, and listening to one another. During Biden’s inauguration virtual performances, we saw people singing and talking about peace and unity, people of different races and cultures, something we never saw under the Trump administration. What we are seeing here however, normally, shouldn’t be surprising, this is how the United States and the American people should be. The black stain of hatred, xenophobia, and discrimination spilled upon our country by Trump and his acolytes have all taken our country and turned it into a hostile warzone between people, dividing friends and family alike. As Biden mentions in several speeches and as I agree in, regardless if we are Republican or Democrat, we should listen to one another and respect each other because that’s what makes our country so great. 

With a new Presidential Administration being brought in, many Americans might wonder what the Biden Administration hopes to accomplish and what the next steps for our country are. From what President Biden and Vice-President Harris have been telling the American people about unity, affordable healthcare with BidenCare, and the clear next steps forward to help defeat the pandemic. All of these allow us to finally witness a working, productive country which was in absence to us for four years. 

With Biden now as President, many Americans feel the sense of a burden being released from our shoulders, that now our country is taking the next steps to be recognized as a peacekeeping and respectful nation as it was under the Obama Administration and countless others. There’s now no need to worry that our President may be lying, or that the American people are being deceived in any way. Biden and Harris push forward this notion of integrity and honesty which is something we didn’t see before. The idea of helping our neighbor, being an upstanding citizen and advocating for what’s right as well as restoring America to its previous honorable status. I can wholeheartedly see our country being a place of peace and where we can all listen and recognize each other as American citizens and a country where even people that have different points of view can still work and be strong together. 

In closing, we can expect greatness and great change to our country from the Biden Administration. With the talk of peace and integrity, I can see America being better than ever before. The United States of America are in safe hands with President Biden and Vice-President Harris as in a time of great division and anger in our country, those two will be the great equalizers in restoring America to its previous glory and notability.