In Light of Terrorism at Capitol Hill, Republicans Decide to Accept Election Results + Trump is Impeached Once Again

Jose Carlos Serrano

In response to the events at Capitol Hill last week, Congress has decided to impeach Donald Trump for a second time, making history as the first president to be impeached twice. Ten Republican Congressmen and women decided to vote on the article of impeachment. This may seem surprising to some but even before the events of the Capitol attempted coup, Republicans have begun to turn on Donald Trump, expressing that he isn’t fit to be President. Why have some Republicans decided to uphold the Constitution and renounce their loyalty to the President? And why did others still decide to vote against the article of impeachment after the Capitol was stormed? The answer is easy, some have seen the light of the President’s lies while others are trying to protect themselves.


Shortly after the events of the Capitol, many Politicians called either for the invokement of the 25th amendment by current Vice President Pence or to impeach once again. After the 25th amendment was not appearing to be invoked anytime soon, House speaker Nancy Pelosi and others have decided to bring forth the second article of impeachment against President Trump. The news of a second impeachment sparked anger and violence in the pro-Trump community mentioning how there would be a second Civil War or next time they’ll bring automatic firearms to the Capitol. These supporters are obviously dangerous and unhinged people as when they went to the Capitol, they wanted to assassinate Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence; leaving politicians divided on whether to vote for impeachment or be intimidated by the domestic terrorists and vote against it. Many Republicans remarked how Congress should “be better” and not vote for impeachment while in reality they were simply afraid of their careers and lives against the violent mob of Trump supporters. Others on both sides of the floor remarked how they won’t be forced to vote against Impeachment and uphold their Congressional oath. The second impeachment trial was introduced to Congress and was approved with 232 Yea and 197 Nay. Shortly after, Nancy Pelosi historically signed the approval for impeachment. 

Prior to and during the impeachment, we noticed how some Republicans decided to actually accept the results of the election such as prominent Trump advocates such as Republican leader Mitch McConnell and Vice President Mike Pence. Both men mentioned during the events prior to the attempted siege of Capitol Hill that they accepted Biden as President and the peaceful transfer of power. Other Republican Senators and Congressmen followed suit after the attack on Capitol Hill and we are seeing those people who accepted Biden as President and had to evacuate the Capitol during the assault, knowing that Trump brought these people over to incite violence, vote against this second article of impeachment such as United States Senator from South Carolina, Lindsay Graham. Senator Graham mentioned how impeaching again would be a “threat to future Presidents” while others believe Trump to be unsuitable to be President. The violent events at the Capitol brought them to the light, finally allowing many Republicans to see the true error of having Trump as President. Why it took this long is a question to be answered as we’ve been seeing hints that this attack would happen from Trump’s last tweets before this account was suspended indefinitely. This, however, doesn’t necessarily give these Republicans a pass due to the fact that they still backed up Trump and his lies, deceiving others and themselves lying. It is quite disingenuous for them to now accept the election results as they had many opportunities to stand up to Trump and his lies. They stood by him when he spread blatant misinformation and their attempt at redemption was done only once the President was leaving, not when he had the most power in the prime of his Presidency.

All in all, seeing how Republican leaders are accepting election results, many attending Joe Biden’s inauguration such as former Vice President Mike Pence and Republican minority leader Mitch McConnell is really what the case should have been for the last four years. I find it quite disappointing that in a time of need as there is now, that both Democrats and Republicans can join forces to put a halt to this unprecedented pandemic. Impeachment trials are still underway to prevent Donald Trump from running for President again and to be accused for his incitement of insurrection at the Capitol.