25 working Easter eggs/comands in Google Hangouts!

Computer with peripherals by Dnikolos is licensed under CC BY 2.0

“Computer with peripherals” by Dnikolos is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Yaretzi Guerrero

Easter eggs! We love them whether there for Easter or google. Google Hangouts has some as well in fact they have at most 24 hidden easter eggs. Some work while others really depend on what device you are using. Let’s get into it! 

Google Hangouts is an application that we all love. If you have an email you are able to message friends and family just by adding in their email. Just like real messaging except you don’t need a phone number. Google hangouts is now partnering with Google meets, when you want to call a friend with or without a phone number you can now use google meets. 

  • /ponystream

Pony stream might be the funniest easter egg in the book! When you type /ponystream a line full of different ponies appear on your screen and on the screen of whoever you’re texting. The fun part about this is that it nevers stops unless 1 you close the browser and 2 you type /ponystreamstop. This is a fun way to brighten your friends day give it a try :).  

  • /ponies

Don’t want dozens of infinit ponies pop on your screen with this you can send one by one with this little comand. 

  • /tableflip

Want to show that you’re excited, mad or both well use this command!  

  • /tableback

This little command is part of /tableflip because once you flipped the table you need to put it back. 😉

  • /idk

This command simply produces a little guy with a weird face expression. 

  • /yuno

Type this command and your friends will be confused by this guy!

  • /me

Your name will be put into the chat and looks really cool. 

  • /roll

Want to roll a dice but just don’t have one? Well when you type this google hangouts will roll a dice and give you the number you landed on.

  • /8ball

Want to know your future, ask a question a type away. By typing this it will give you an answer to whatever question you have. For example it will say “As I see it, no.”  

  • /shruggie

Confused or don’t know how to answer, use this command. 

  • /corgis

Want an infinite line of corgis to appear? Type this and you will love seeing this pop up!

  • /wizard

*Poof* Do you love magic well this little leni will cast a spell upon whoever your texting!

  • /pitchforks

Angry and want to send a message well simply type /pitchforks and angry townspeople will run with fire pitchforks and more.

  • /lit

Feeling cold? Simply type this is and you will have 3 fire icons.

  • /facepalm

Annoyed we’ll send this leni to your friends slapping your head with your palm. 

  • /flowerbeam

Similar to the wizard except this has flowers come out of its wand. 

  • /disapprove

Feel like you need to disagree type this in and a face will be sent. 

  • /shydiono

Feeling shy? Type this and a small dino will run behind a smaller house. 

  • /bikeshed

Want color? Type this and the background will change color sometimes randomly. 

  • /shame

Want to alarm your friends well when you type this, 3 bells will be sent. 

  • /octodisco

Octopus and disco balls will be sent. 

  • /puppyparty

Puppys we all love them what more do you want then a puppy party!

  • /happy

Feeling happy send this and a happy guy will be sent

  • /this

There is not much to explain it simply produces this: 

  • Konami code

This might be the hardest of them all but it produces a cute mountain and 1 tree background only you can see. You MUST type in the exact same order. 

Type the keys: Up- up -down -down – left right – left right- ba

The keys are arrows so don’t type the actual words.


These tips and tricks will only work if you type all lowercase!