Crime in NYC

Emmanuelle Blanchard

According to a NYPD website about crime in New York City, crime levels in the city have decreased. From March 1 through March 11, 2020, overall index crime increased by 27.8% (2,934 v. 2,296) when compared to the same period a year ago. Public safety is not as much of a pressing concern to people in 2020-2021 because people are stuck inside. People are not at as much of a risk in areas that are densely populated, such as Theatre District / Times Square (Manhattan), Meatpacking District (Manhattan), Koreatown (Manhattan), Port Morris (Bronx), and the Garment District (Manhattan), which have the highest rates of violent crime per capita (per person) across New York City. Still, we are not completely safe in their neighborhoods. 

According to a survey given to WESS students, 85% of students feel safe, yet 14% do not. This proves that even though crime and violence in NYC has lessened very much, fears of crime are not completely gone. One anonymous WESS student said that “there are sometimes people that hideout in places near where I live and it can feel threatening. Where I live it is a bit deserted and the people there can look a little suspicious- and not just based off of looks- but I have also witnessed some scary events that took place where I live.”

The same NYPD website also says that Murder is down 10.7% (67 v. 75) for the First Quarter of 2020 when compared to the first three months of 2019. Violence has decreased, and so has domestic violence. Arrests in domestic violence crimes are down 15.6% (3,104 v. 3,678) for the 28-day period ending March 29 2020.

Crime levels have gone down, but there is still a threat.


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