African American Culture by Donald R. Wright

Yelnur Abdushev

To understand the present, it is important to know the past. The narrative gives the reader valuable information about African American culture, as well as tools for building their opinion and perspective. Different aspects of the lives of African Americans were discussed, such as community, culture, family, religion, resistance, daily life and folk culture. The main points of the narrative will be discussed in this paper.

One of the main points of the narrative was that to transform into African Americans, Africans went through a lot of changes, especially during the two thirds of the eighteenth century,  as they were put in a completely new cultural, physical, social environment. To deal with the new setting, Africans had their own sense of identity, which included their own language, customs, traditions, families etc. 

Another main point of the narrative was the acculturation of the Africans. The time of acculturation depended on several factors, such as strength of particular African cultural tradition and the person’s will. In many places in colonial America black people fully interacted with white people, which sped up acculturation. 

Additionally, one of the main points was how the men-women ratio was affected, which made creating families for Africans more difficult. Black men outnumbered black women, due to the large number of slaves brought to the region of the mainland. The family life of Africans was strongly affected because of  the unequal men-women ration and illegal interracial marriages.

In my opinion, it is important for youth to know about history to understand how present day issues, such as racism, occurred. Millions of black people are discriminated against on a daily basis and in different aspects of human life.  One of the aspects is the economy, as black people are deprived of equal work opportunities and often offered smaller salaries than people of other races.  By reading history books, attending history lectures and events we can build our background knowledge. By being involved in clubs and  events discussing how to fight racism, and spreading awareness, we can take a small part in the greater fight against the racism in our society.