Hot Days in October

Kiep Leon

We remember when this was the time of pumpkin spice,

To warm up our days and keep us happy

Giggling under thick comforters at night.

We remember when this was the time,

Of pink cheeks and frigid fingers

Of flowing scarves and cute hats

Pom-poms wiggling proudly at the top.


The summer’s heat is all very well

We love that too for the months that it’s there

But in my opinion, good things are characterized by when they end

The shorter it is, the more precious the time


So not only are these Hot Days in October annoying

For those that dressed up warm in expectancy of the supposed Autumn chill

They are also making true Hot Days that come from summer seem bland

Normal when they should be a time cherished for the relaxation that comes along with Summer


And day after day we wait for a Cool Day in October

It’s so strange, how the tables have turned

Between seasons, summer was the hero, relaxed and sweet and fun

With the promise of outdoor play and freeing clothes

And winter came to steal that away

Uncomfortable and stifling in it’s cold, but now

We miss the cold, for though it was cold, the temperature prompted us to make our own warmth

With chocolate, with spice, with blankets and with one another

The contrast of cold made our homes that much more inviting. 


And though Hot Days in October are a relief to those who hate winter

Our balance has been disrupted

We want it back

The snowflakes on Christmas are becoming less likely

Pumpkin Pie is becoming less inviting when

There’s a good chance it will be served hot in hot air


So I ask of nature and I ask of humanity

Tomorrow, tomorrow, can it please, 

Be a Cool Day in October? Just this once?

These blue skies are so out of place

I beg for a windy, icy day

Warmth is only special because the cold takes it away.