Green Team Update

Rachel Gaylord

After being remote for a year and a half, Green Team is meeting in person again! Green Team is a founding club at WESS and meets every week to work on their oyster bill, projects, and community service. 


Students who started at WESS during 6th grade might remember one of their first expeditions: Down the Drain. In this expedition, students studied oysters and combined sewage overflow in the New York Harbor, while learning about the Billion Oyster Project. CSO’s are a devastating source of pollution because one sewage system collects rainwater runoff, domestic sewage, and industrial wastewater, which is then deposited into the NY Harbor. However, oysters are the sustainable solution to the ongoing environmental degradation of the NY Harbor; oysters are bivalves, so they filter water and can help restore the NY Harbor ecosystems. 


The current seniors at WESS were the first to learn about Down the Drain, so they started Green Team with the intention of working with the Billion Oyster Project (BOP) and creating an oyster bill. The BOP collects oyster shells, grows oysters, and distributes the oysters back into the harbor. In its first year as a club, Green Team created the oyster bill, formally known as A258. Once passed, A258 will provide a tax credit of 10 cents for every 1 pound of oysters a restaurant donates to BOP. Since then, Green Team has been working with Assembly member Linda Rosenthal to pass the oyster bill. With graduating seniors, Green Team is motivated to try and pass the bill this year! 


Green Team encourages students to explore their own environmental and sustainability interests. Members have the opportunity to suggest projects, work on informational videos and social media campaigns, and will be able to volunteer in the school’s new garden run by senior Lousia Blakley. 


If you are interested in partaking in your own community service or learning about the environment through a creative outlet, come stop by Green Team’s meetings Tuesday at 3:00 and check out the links below for ideas!


We are interested in gaining insight into the WESS community’s impact on our environment. Please respond to the survey below:


Riverside Park Conservancy: Interested in volunteering at Riverside Park? Riverside Park Conservancy has volunteer opportunities for people with a variety of skill levels in horticulture and gardening! If you need a flexible schedule or don’t have much experience gardening, becoming a PlacePartner or ParkRover may be a great option. 


West Side Community Garden: This beautiful garden on the UWS is always looking for volunteers. They offer a range of volunteer opportunities, from gardening to working in their greenhouses, and organizing events.