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GLAM is not a known organization. Many people are unknown to this organization that exists for many young girls.  GLAM teaches math to young girls who range from 5th grade to 12th grade.  This group helps girls who have either been chosen by their teachers who have demonstrated great understanding of math and can go above and beyond their grade level of math.  Other times girls can apply themselves who need help with math or just want to challenge themselves.  Not to mention, this group is only for girls! 


Founding of GLAM 

Tessa Wayne is the founder of GLAM and she has been working with GLAM for years.  Tessa is in college now and still runs GLAM and even helps teach a few classes here and there.  GLAM was founded on the idea that girls were thought to not know much math when in reality they knew much more than many of their classmates.  Girls have been left in the shadows for too long in the math world and they know that they can rise above expectations and learn advanced math skills.  This sparked an idea for Tessa, why not create a group for young girls to learn advanced math skills above and beyond.  GLAM is an abbreviation for Girls Learning Advanced Math.  That’s how GLAM was formed and it stills continues for all young girls to join no matter what school they attend or their level of math, all girls are welcomed. 



There are teachers who help guide girls into the world of math.  These teachers have been asked to teach or have signed up for teaching on their own.  There are different grades that these teachers range from around 8th grade to college.  Many of the teachers start from 8th grade or above and still continue teaching until they reach college.  Some even go beyond and continue teaching through college.  These teachers help the girls with homework and play fun related math games that everyone loves.  Now because of Covid they are remote but they still play games and they do homework help.   


How GLAM works

GLAM works in many ways.  Before Covid GLAM was in person for many beginners it was held in their schools.  Many GLAM teachers brought in snacks and worksheets for everyone.  Now Covid struck and the sessions had to change.  The time range is still the same 1 hour but now it is from 6pm to 7pm and we still do fun games but we mostly do quizzes that involve a bit of competition to help our math skills.  We do advanced math but many girls are a bit behind and GLAM helps them with what they are struggling with.  GLAM does not judge whether you know certain skills or not they help you in whatever way they can.  GLAM is always there for you math related or life related GLAM helps you and guides you through math life and your personal life.  


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Tessa Wayne

Tessa Wayne is the founder and creator of GLAM. Tessa has always loved math and observed at an early age that there were a lot more boys involved in math than girls. At math contests, and in her math classes, she was often one of very few or the only girl in the class. The summer after her High School sophomore year, 2018, Tessa started GLAM to share her passion for math with young girls. GLAM is currently in several middle schools in New York City and Tessa is implementing GLAM plans for nearby metropolitan areas as well. Tessa is currently a freshman at Stanford University and plans to bring GLAM with her to neighboring schools near Palo Alto. Tessa is also an avid athlete – she has been on both her High School Varsity Basketball team and High School Varsity Softball team since 7th grade, leading both teams to multiple championships. Tessa scored her 1000th Varsity High School point in Basketball in her sophomore year, she now holds the all-time Varsity scoring record at her school with 1720 career points, and she pitched two undefeated league seasons in Softball. When not playing sports, Tessa loves KenKen puzzles and has competed in the International KenKen contest. Tessa hopes to break down stereotypes about girls in both math and sports. 






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