Pandemic Bake Sales 


Yelnur Abdushev

During the pandemic, many aspects of our school life came to a stop. Social events, club meetings, and bake sales were prohibited due to COVID regulations. However, as the city is slowly lifting COVID restrictions, we are able to resume these events with a few changes. 


As a student council treasurer, I was responsible for organizing a bake sale to raise money for the student council. Due to COVID regulations, only individually packaged goods bought in stores were allowed to be sold; no home-baked treats.  


Although it may seem strange that no baked goods were allowed at a school bake sale, buying items in bulk and selling them is convenient and less time consuming. However, should it even be considered a bake sale? Should it be called a snack sale?


Student Council Vice President Jacqueline Lovci helped out at the bake sale. 


Everything had to be pre-packaged, and we handed it to kids instead of letting them pick stuff out. We also had to figure out how to structure sales, making sure that one person was in charge of money and one person was in charge of handing food back, helping us limit the contact that we had with each item,” said Lovci.


Lovci elaborated, “I would be really clear with the expectations of what should be at the bake sale just in case someone brings in homemade goods. It’s also important to have variety. Make sure to email [email protected] to make sure that the date you are choosing is available!”


Fortunately, New York is rapidly recovering and everyday we are closer to returning to our normal life. For now we can work with what we have to remain safe. If you missed previous bake sales, don’t worry. There will be future bake sales hosted by the Student Council in the coming weeks in the brand new school store!!