China’s Victory

Erlan Benedis-Grab


Tibet’s Civilization 


As Dalia Lama and his CIA escort left Tibet, a civilizing force entered the land. While the old Tibetan feudal lords shook their hands, they knew their resistance was futile. Contrary to our perception of Tibet, the basis of this “Holy “ Buddhist society was brutal feudalism. 


The majority of the population were serfs, impoverished and chattelized. Serfs were allocated measly plots for growing their own food, in its stead they worked in masters’ lands. In absence of schooling, hard labor and displacement were the norms. Serfs could not get married without permission from their Masters and could be sold, broken away from their families if it was more profitable. Should they disobey, harsh toture awaited them. 


On account of torture, two testimonies from feudal Tibetans enlight us. Tsereh Tuei, a former serf, recounts that, “[I had] stolen two sheep belonging to a monastery. For this he had both his eyes gouged out and his hand mutilated beyond use.” Another recalls, “The third time [I was caught running away] I was already fifteen and they gave me fifty heavy lashes, with two men sitting on me… I passed out for two hours.


Tibetian lords would routinely kidnap young boys from their families to be trained as monks. Many others were domestic servants who were born into a life of slavery, bound to a house instead of a plot of land, and forced to tend to the spawling complexes that the aristocracy enjoyed. The Drepung monastery had 185 manors and 25,000 serfs. Serfs were taxed at a whim to squeeze out every penny and, more importantly, keep them in this deplorable stature. Families were taxed for marriage, births, deaths, gardening, and owning cattle. The disparity was an ample opportunity as well. Beggars were taxed for unemployment, should they try to search for the opportunity they were taxed upon the roads. This was the reality of Tibet’s backward theocracy, a 10th-century society existing in the 20th. 


How did the peaceful Buddhists justify these crimes? Reincarnation became the justification for their misery and the aristocracy’s excess. These serfs were doomed to this life because of their past sins. Just another facet of bousigue control over uneducated serfs. 


For centuries the old Qing dynasty had ruled Tibet. With the Japanese threat receding, Mao sought to reintegrate these lands. The weakness of the Qing led Tibet down a path of recotinary thinking. China’s approach was different; they abolished serfdom and unpaid labor, developed infrastructure, and reduced poverty. Today Tibet celebrates its Buddist heritage while moving past its feudalist roots. Tibet’s old society is a cautionary tale against the follyness of backward religions. 


Uyghur “Genocide”


Another myth mistreatment of minorities in Xinjiang in China’s easternmost region. They say “The Evil Chinese aka the Yella Menace is committing genocide.” The CIA’s finest propagandists can’t decide if it’s a cultural genocide or something more. However, if you look at the facts, you can see no such thing is occurring. 


The truth is Xinjiang has been a hotbed of Islamism. Islamism or the organization of government, judiciary, and economy by extremist Islamic values are the antitheses of China. Anywhere it has been implemented it has regressed society, states either becoming barely functioning Islamic “democracies” or fundamentalist states.  ETIM or the East-Turkestan Islamic Movement is guided by these values. They have committed over hundreds of terrorist attacks in Xinjiang. Most recently in 2014, these Uyghur separatists killed 45 and injured 200 in Urumqi. During the Afghan War, the U.S. was eager to provide weapons to the Taliban and ETIM benefited greatly from this, returning across the border to Xinjiang. During the height of the War on Terror, even the U.S. bombed ETIM militants in Afghanistan before removing them from their terrorism list last year – coincidentally, during the height of this propaganda blitz – even though thousands are active in Syria and maintain opposition throughout the Middleast.  


To claim over a million people in detention camps in a region with 12 million is absurd enough,  however, the “data” comes from interviews. The godfather of this propaganda campaign, Adrian Zenz, is a German, far-right researcher employed by “Victims” of Communism. A de facto prophet, he believes he was sent by God on a “mission” to expose China. These fraudsters label Nazi invaders as innocent victims of the “Stalinist terror.”


The biggest doubts of this lazy propaganda campaign pertaining to the legitimacy of the “Uyghur Government.” 


Firstly, all of its leaders are CIA-backed puppets, far from freedom fighters. In fact, most of the manufactured Uyghur diaspora readily embrace far-right and racist rhetoric. The East-Turkestan government in exile situated right in Washington, claims that the ETIM doesn’t even exist! In addition, the World Uyghur Congress, another separatist group founded in 2004, has similar links to the US. Its founder and first-president Erkin Alpektin owes his career to the CIA. His father Isa Alpektin, a Uyghur nationalist had struggled for decades amongst squabbling Xinjiang factions. Isa’s anger toward interracial marriage in Xinjiang, and his anti-Armenian prejudice, were overshadowed by his opposition towards Mao. Thus, he found refuge in the west. For Erkin his career started first with the CIA-backed Radio Free Asia, which led to him working directly for the CIA during the 1980s as part of a network of expats. This finally culminated in the foundation of the World Uyghur Congress. 


These links are apparent today as well. “Activist” Rushan Abbas helped found the Uyghur American Association-funded earnestly by the NED (National Endowment for Democracy).  Abbas in fact got her start with Radio Free Asia, now she’s cited for her extensive experience” working with U.S. government agencies, including Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Department of State, Department of Justice, and various U.S. intelligence agencies.” She includes a stint as a translator at Guantanamo Bay. Nothing says human rights advocate like working for the US’s extrajudicial torture camp. 


UAA’s (Uyghur American Association) current president Kuzzat Altay is another reactionary puppet. Nephew of Rebiya Kabeer, a Uyghur oligarch and former president of the World Uyghur Congress and UAA respectively. Ignoring the flippant nepotism, he’s a paid far-right propagandist. “Wipe out China”, “China purposely exported the virus to cause the pandemic”. His closest American confidants are proto-facists like the Family research council, whom he regularly speaks for. 


The NED also started the “Uyghur Humans Rights Project” in 2004. Most recently, it has received $1.2 million from 2016-2019. The group’s co-founder Nury Turkel also former head of the UAA, is an employee of the U.S. government. It doesn’t get more obvious than that. These so-called independent activities owe their careers to the US government. So why would they not regulate state department talking points? Not for freedom, not for human rights. When has the U.S. cared about any of that? 


Finally, the notion of East Turkestan as an independent state is entirely fictional. The Uyghurs refused to join the fledgling Kazakh Khanate back then, their hubris betrayed them. Besides between the various CIA-backed Uyghur governments parked in Washington row, their history betrays them. No so-called East Turkestan Republic has ever ruled over the lands they claim today. In reality, Xinjiang is a multi-ethnic region, Han Chinese have lived there for centuries, an Uyghur separatist government will lead to more conflict not less. The same beasts who consort with the Taliban cannot be trusted to run a country. 


Every so-called instance of Chinese imperialism and “oppression” is proven to be the opposite. Now that our ill-fated foray into Afghanistan is over, Americans need a new enemy. The U.S. propaganda machine has been seeding the assault against Xi for years. It’s culminated in our attempt to “save” the Tibetans and Uyghurs. Rarely mentioned is Xinjiang’s large oil reserves, something the US has overthrown governments for. Let’s see this for what It really is a blatant ] attempt to undermine China. Analyze propaganda critically.