School Store Opening 


Yelnur Abdushev

Imagine. You come to school and realize that you forgot to pack your lunch. You shuffle through your stuff in your backpack and find a few dollars. You are anxious, as you don’t think you’ll be able to buy lunch for that sum. Then you remember the school store, where you can find items for just 0.5, 1 and 2 dollars! After you buy some granola bars and chips at the store, your anxiety goes away  and so does your hunger. 


After several months of hard work, the student council is happy to open the WESS school store. You can buy your favorite snacks, school supplies and chargers. To ensure the items’ variety, the Finance Committee (part of the student council) handcrafts the list every week. To ensure that everyone would be able to afford the snacks, the prices are kept low. 


While the school store is kept open everyday, the club that wants to organize a bake sale may ask the store to shut down for the day. This allows the club to fundraise without competition. Additionally, the club may use the school store themselves, by stocking it with their own items. You only need to complete a short google form to reserve the spot. 


Apart from fundraising the money for our school, it gives an opportunity for high school students to volunteer during their lunch period. This is a unique opportunity, given that you don’t even have to leave school to earn community hours. To volunteer, you will need to sign up using this spreadsheet


I asked a few students about what they like about the school store. 


Junior Claudia Lin says, “I like the idea that it’s a way to contribute and support the school. I also like that you can buy something during your lunch. It’s also a good way to be involved if you’d like to volunteer. 


Junior Clara Burns says, “I like how it looks professional and can be used by different clubs.”


As the WESS treasurer I believe that the school store benefits our WESS community and will benefit future students. All the profits made from the school store will be spent on our students. Feel free to suggest any other items that could be sold in the school store, by emailing [email protected].