Advice Column Vol. 2

Jose Carlos Serrano

Hi All,

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  1. I missed two days and I feel like I can’t catch up, how do I get out of this loop?

I’ve had the same problem once. I think the best way to rectify this issue is to sit down after school and write out everything that has to be done (i.e., schoolwork, clubs, etc.) It sounds simple but I promise it reduces around 50% of the stress of being in this loop. Once your workload is written down and in front of you, it can make the situation seem a lot more manageable. Removing the other 50% of that beforementioned stress is getting the work finished. I would go about doing this by speaking with teachers about your struggle catching up — especially considering that a lot of new material can be covered in a two-day time period. Perhaps they can offer an assignment extension or meet with you during office hours to accommodate; the teachers at WESS primarily have your best interests in mind and want you to succeed. I highly doubt any instructor would allow anyone to fall behind when it is out of a student’s control. It can be easy to feel like there is no path forward to getting back to being on top of things; but I would advise taking it one step at a time and to take your time doing the work needed to catch up. It’s better to take extra time to finish work if allowed by a teacher and have it been of a caliber that you can be proud of rather than one that’s rushed and inadequate of what’s required. I think you will 100% be able to get things done however and that it’s never too late to try and catch up!

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  1. How should I go about making friends? It sounds corny, but I’m new this year and it’s been hard since people already know each other.

No worries, it doesn’t sound corny at all. I arrived at WESS back in 9th grade — I’m a Junior now. Not only did everyone know each other, but I also joined during virtual learning. With this understanding, I was definite that I would have no friends. I learned I was wrong, however. In my experience, the best way to make friends is to find people that you share a common interest with. Find something to bond with. Go up and introduce yourself. Through your meaningful friendship with that person, you can also meet other people who are their friends. Don’t worry about attempting to have all the friends in the world as well – here’s a quote from last week’s Newspaper Advice Column Vol. 1 Answers: “it’s more valuable to have one or two best friends that you can infinitely rely on rather than a hundred who don’t care for you that much or your success.” It’s an essential motto that I believe will help take you far. The WESS community is great; there are always kind people who are willing to break the ice and make you feel at home.


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J. Carlos Serrano