The Official Newspaper Substack Page

The Official Newspaper Substack Page

J. Carlos Serrano, Editor in Chief

Dear Readers,

The newspaper editorial would like to bring your attention to our official newspaper Substack page that has been created within the last few months. For those who are not familiar with Substack, it is essentially a virtual newsletter that allows one to create blog-style posts that go directly to one’s newsletter. This is accomplished by signing up with your email when you click on the link that will be supplied at the bottom of this post. Thus far, the Substack has been used primarily for our “Newspaper Advice Column Answers” which will also be posted here on the website. We have so far had two volumes of submissions — our fourth will be published tomorrow. We apologize for the delay in answers, there have been a few internal aspects of the club that had to be focused on before we continued with other projects — hopefully you can understand.


Originally, the Substack was intended to be a quick method for one to get alerts when an advice column or announcement was uploaded. There have been talks to potentially sunset our Substack page due to potential confusion of having two platforms but if both are able to run efficiently and work their intended purposes, we will keep it updated and operational. Volume 3 and the two before it of the advice column answers will be, or already are posted on this website and the Substack.


Here is the link to the substack: WESS Side Stories | J. Carlos Serrano | Substack

Have any questions to submit to the advice column? Submit them here: Advice Column Submission (

Thanks for reading,

J. Carlos Serrano, Editor in Chief and the WESS Side Stories Team