POC Club Multicultural Event March 4th


Advitya Singh and POC Club

The WESS People of Color Club’s Cultural Food Extravaganza on November 17, 2022 was a huge hit! The Student Lounge on the 3rd floor was swarmed by an eager student body, wanting to learn about food from different cultures within their school community. The club brought delicious food such as arroz con pollo, bobo de camarao, Taiwanese sticky rice, spring rolls, empanadas, samosas, and so much more. It was a true immersion of people from different backgrounds with people wanting to learn about where the food was from, who made it, how it is made, etc.  

Anonymous quotes from students and teachers who attended the event:

  • “I got to eat food I would have never eaten if I wasn’t in this club. My favorite food was the Bobó de camarão, but so many other foods were there to indulge in. This is why I go to the WESS POC club, because so many cultures come together and have bonding experiences.”
  • “This was the first, large, event I have attended at this school in the past two years!”
  • “My favorite part of the event was when everyone showed up and the team panicked. You all immediately worked collaboratively and made it all work out! I’d love to see all cultures represented in school through sales, events, and simple gatherings. I enjoyed ​getting the chance to meet really cool WESS students and the diverse vision for WESS”


The People of Color Club, Black Student Union, and the PTA are organizing another, even larger, event. On March 4th, 2023, Saturday, all members of the school community, including parents, are invited to the WESS Food Festival right on the 1st floor from 12pm to 3pm. Games and activities are being led by popular WESS clubs, such as the Chess Club. If you want to learn about and support different cultures in your community, play unique games, or just try mouthwatering food, this event is for you!


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