Write Ramona: October

Dear Ramona,

I’ve been having trouble finding the motivation to complete homework or projects. Do you have strategies to get work done fast and getting motivated?


Hey Unmotivated-student,

It’s Ramona here, and I know exactly what you’re going through. Getting the motivation to do schoolwork is seriously tough. My advice to you is to give yourself a schedule. Put your phone in a different room than the one you do homework in, and then have an order of which class assignments you’ll do first. Eliminating distractions, and really putting yourself on a tight schedule can help force you to do the things that you don’t want to do. Good luck!


Dear Ramona,

Alright so I’m asking this girl for her number near the end of class, but I couldn’t find the words, so I just said “I’ll talk to you after class.” Now class ends, and when I get up from my seat, she bolts up out of hers, and when I tap her shoulder (I $#!% you not) she %#@&!#& bolts out of the room. I just wanted a new friend and someone to help me with PSAT practice.


Dear Apparently-scary,

I’m sorry, that sounds terrible. Well, it looks like what you’ve got there is a classic misunderstanding. What I think you should do is to probably just straight-up talk to her, in a public space, like at the beginning of class or something, and just explain what happened. I get it was probably pretty annoying, but try not to assume what she was feeling, for all you know she really just really needed to get home! Remember not all people are as confident and sociable as you, so try to take it slow and be gentler- less full steam ahead. I’m sure you’ll be able to clear this up in no time.