Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Did you forget to get a Halloween costume again? Well keep reading, and you will find out quick and easy last-minute Halloween costumes. 


Cat Burglar

Do you want to be something evil but you also like animals? Be a cat burglar! Wear all black clothing. Next, draw on a little black nose and black whiskers with black eyeliner or black lip liner pencil. There you go, you are a cat burglar! (Pun Intended).

Bluetooth Headphones

Have you ever wanted to be Bluetooth headphones? Dye your teeth blue with food dye and print out pictures of phones. Cut out the phones and clip them to your hair. There you go you have phones on your head and blue teeth. Bluetooth headphones! 


A Formal Apology

If you have some amends you need to make or you just like apologies or you want a reason to dress nice, become a formal apology. First, grab a suit, dress or whatever you think is formal enough for this costume. Next, get a piece of extra fabric or an old shirt or something. Write “Apology” on the fabric and turn it into a sash. There you go, you are a formal apology. I’m sorry and you’re welcome.


She Sells Seashells by the Sea Shore

Have you ever heard the tongue twister “She sells seashells by the seashore?” If you want to dress up as this tongue twister, get a trenchcoat and a pair of glasses. Next, grab some shells and tape or glue the shells to the inside of the coat. There you go, it looks like you are a seashell dealer.


Bubble Bath

Do you want to be a nice relaxing bubble bath? Put on white pants and a white shirt. Next, tape a bunch of blown-up white balloons. Put on a shower cap. And grab a loofah or a bar of soap. There you go you are a bubble bath.



Do you want to be something alive aside from a human? Be grapes. Blow up a bunch of purple balloons. Tape them to a purple shirt and pants. Put on a green hat. You are a bunch of grapes. 


The Dress

Do you remember the controversy of the dress? Well, you and a friend can be that controversy. What you do is line a blue dress with a black ribbon and your friend’s white dress with a gold ribbon. There you go, you two are the two sides of the controversy that took the internet by storm.



You can be a cactus with these easy tips. Get a green romper, dress, or shirt and pants. Use some tape or glue or sew white pipe cleaners on. The pipe cleaners are the cactus spikes. Next, get a flower headband because a lot of cacti have flowers. There you go,  you are a cactus.


When Life Gives You Lemons

When life gives you lemons. That saying is very common and here is how to be that phrase. Wear a yellow outfit and get a “Hello my Name is” sticker. Write life on the sticker and stick it somewhere on your clothing. Get a basket and fill it with lemons. When life gives you lemons.


Pumpkin Pi

Pi; an infinite number. Pumpkins; very fall-ish. What you do is draw the pi symbol on a blank orange shirt. Next, grab a headband with a pumpkin on it. There, you are a sweet pumpkin pi.


A Fork in the Road

Puns. The best thing ever. What you do is grab a black shirt and white tape. Put strips of tape about 1-2 inches long (each) down the middle of the shirt leaving about ½ an inch in between each piece of tape. Next, you grab a plastic fork and tape it to the middle of the shirt. There you go, you are a road with a fork in the middle of it. 


A Ceiling Fan

More puns. Get a shirt and cheer pompoms. Write on the shirt “Go Ceiling”. There you go, you are a fan of the ceiling. 


A Movie Theater Floor

Get a black shirt. Next print out the wrappers of a bunch of famous candies. Tape the candy labels on the shirt. There you go, you are the floor of a movie theater.


High Five

High Five! This one is the easiest, all you need is makeup, face paint, or a marker. All you need to do is draw a 5 on your forehead. Bonus points if you go around giving people high fives.



How do you spell candy with 2 letters?