Behind the Meme: Boomers vs. Zoomers

James Gracylany and Jonathan O'Connor

First, what is a Boomer and a Zoomer?


A boomer, also known as a baby boomer is someone born between the years 1946 and 1964. Boomers hate millennials and ridicule them for their way of life. Boomers usually use sentences like “Back in my day…” or “Kids these days…?” Finding a boomer is not that hard but knowing the difference between a boomer and an elderly person is very important. Most boomers can be found in content middle age, empty nesting states of being. But to tell which people fall under the chart of a boomer you must look at this chart and compare these points to them.


Hows to find a Boomer chart Understand tech Ridicule millennials or younger  Wake up at 6 go to bed at 8 Don’t understand tech
Understand tech No YES No
Ridicule millennials or younger  YES YES YES YES
Wake up at 6 go to bed at 8 No YES No  YES
Don’t understand tech YES YES YES

Other kinds of boomers

Boomers are not just a generation, but an ideology. This can be shown by the 30-year-old Boomer. This is a rare deformation in the brain where a millennial acts like a Boomer. Symptoms to find the rare 30-year-old boomer is, drinking Monster Energy Zero Ultra, why… I have no clue but it’s the chosen drink by this cult. 30-year-old boomers can also be found balding but research has told us that there are boomers with a full head of hair. These boomers usually stay in packs because they are hated by balding boomers. 

Other symptoms for all boomers are the enjoyment of BBC News. The second kind of boomer can be found almost anywhere. These boomers are called the Boomer-Zoomers. Boomer Zoomers are the worst kind of people as they are born in the 2000s and act like boomers. They listen to 50-60’s music. They also, while understanding technology, seem to not like it as much. On their phone, they have a separate page because they like the image and read too much. Boomer-Zoomers spend most of their time on crossword puzzles or reading a book they heard was good. If you spend more than 40% of your free time reading, chances are you’re a Boomer.


A zoomer refers to generation Z, born between 1996 to 2012. They are associated with electronics since they grew up during a time of smartphones, computers, and gaming consoles. They are obsessed with things like social media and video games. And therefore, spend less and less time outside. Most Zoomers spend 91.68% of their time on electronics and 0.1% of their time reading anything not online. This is a huge difference compared to 40% of the time boomers spend reading. They are essentially the opposite of boomers. 

Zoomers say “Ok Boomer” whenever boomers mock or don’t understand electronics. It is becoming such a widespread term that people are just saying it to old people who have a different opinion than you. 

The media is calling “ok Boomer” a “generational slur.” 

To that, I say “ok Boomer.”

 Zoomers are also known as the “Snowflake generation”.  As they are considered fragile and easily offended. Some do have chores but a majority do not. A lot of Zoomers also don’t understand the effort and expect support from people like their parents to do things for them. They don’t have jobs or anything except for school work. Zoomers are lazy and spoiled compared to Boomers. Boomers have done plenty of work but zoomers can change our world. 

Then there are the memes. Boomer and Zoomer memes are really what’s important. A good Boomer or Zoomer meme references these topics we mentioned. An example of some good ones are shown below. Chances are that if you don’t understand them, you’re a Boomer.