6 Christmas Movies on Netflix to Watch Right Now

Daisy Koffler, Staff Writer

  1. The Princess Switch 

Vanessa Hudgens stars in The Princess Switch, focusing around an ordinary woman from Chicago switching places with a duchess from Aldovia. They decide to switch places with each other and it leads to each of the girls finding love with life struggles along the way. This film is engaging, funny, and will totally get you in the holiday mood. 





  1. Just Friends

There is no better use of your time than watching this movie, especially during the holiday season. The plot is clever and the content is hilarious. The character played by Ryan Reynolds returns to his home town after a flight problem and runs into his high school crush. Although she has stayed the same, he has changed a lot since high school. Their holiday romance is one you must see. I’d say this movie is an 11/10!





  1. The Holiday Calendar 

The Holiday Calendar has a nifty plot about a photographer who receives a magic calendar that tells the future. The calendar also helps out her love life. While this film received a rating of 33% on Rotten Tomatoes, I’m definitely going to watch this. No judgments, please.





  1. A Christmas Prince

A Christmas Prince takes place in Aldovia ( a made-up European country) and there is always snow outside. This movie is about a journalist who goes to write a story on the prince but instead falls in love with him and helps solve some of the royal family issues. I found this movie very entertaining; it even contained some valuable lessons and heartfelt moments. 





  1. The Grinch

This movie is really silly and the animations are great. Centered around an adorable green monster, the Grinch attempts to stop Christmas for a little town until a young girl softens his heart. I love this movie because it has a good message and I am a fan of all Dr. Suess stories. This movie will make you laugh out loud and can be watched with the family!





  1. Holiday in the Wild


If you are a fan of Rob Lowe, then read on. Holiday in the Wild takes place in Africa, a cool setting for a movie. Watch a recently dumped woman go on a safari that helps her find purpose as well as a man. I am super excited for this movie because it has a great cast and it is shot in a beautiful place.