Cross Country Trail Blazes High School Sports


Lousia Blakely, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered if WESS had a running team?


They do and they are a resilient team. They will run in the sun, shade, or cold. Even if it’s raining the cross county team is still running up and down the stairs of the school.


Cross country was available in middle school, but it has changed dramatically since 6th grade. In 6th grade, the Cross Country routine involved hitting up Riverside Park and running a mile. As the years have gone, however,  it’s developed into a more fulfilling – and challenging – experience. 

The group has a passionate coach (who also moonlights as an eighth grade U.S History teacher), Daiva Siliunas. She pushes her runners to run faster and harder. Daiva mixed up routines and where the team runs. They now go to both Riverside and Central Park to practice. On Tuesdays they work on distance and Thursdays they practice form or hill running. Every week Daiva increases the distance they run by half a mile. By Tuesday, October 16th the team pushed a new limit by running 3.5 miles. Although the farthest they will run in races is 3.1, Diava pushes them and wants all of them to improve. Her goal is for her runners is to reach five miles. She pushed her runners and they enjoy the team. Daisy Koffler feels that the team “bond[s] and get a lot done each practice. Daiva is also such a good coach.”


The Cross Country team is not only working harder, they are participating in races. The team has already taken part in four races, one of them being Tunnels to Towers. This is a race that is dedicated to a fireman that ran from Brooklyn to the World Trade Center to help during 9/11. The team will also be receiving outfits and gear to wear around school. 

Though the Cross Country team is quite small (it only consists of six people, including the coach) the team members enjoy how small the group is. “It allows us to work on running instead of trying to get everyone under control,” said Sam Moeles.

Cross Country ended in the middle of November. If enough people sign up, there will be track and field in the Spring. In this after school, they will do hurdles, long jumps, sprints, and more. If you like running short distances make sure to sign up!