Candy Favorites Of 2018 Halloween

Bella Bursor, Staff Writer

Halloween is the perfect holiday: people dress up and go around knocking on doors for candy. Nothing is better than that. There are the places that give out the goods, like full-size candy bars, and then the people that hand out the not-so-goods, such as Lara bars or oatmeal bars. We asked a group of 40 randomly picked 9th graders what they thought is the best Halloween candy. Our data shows that Kitkats is a favorite, as it got 10 votes. In second place we have Candy Corn with 6 votes, and in a close, third is Twix with 5 votes. 


What category of candy was the most popular?

After looking at the data some more it was discovered that out of the eight most popular candies, four were chocolaty and four super sugary. However, out of the 33 votes, the eight got altogether 20 of them were for the chocolate candies. From this the conclusion that more people like chocolate candies than super-sugary candies were found.

After coming to that conclusion the question was asked why do people like chocolate candies better, so after a little more surveying, we got some answers. One source stated that they like chocolate candy better because it “melts in your mouth and it’s not too sweet.” A different source said, “[I like it because] it can be cold which gives it a nice snap.” Another source said, “The chocolates creamy taste is really satisfying.” People also like how the chocolate pulls all the flavors of the bar together.


The full results of the survey

There were 19 different candies that people voted for at their favorite.

number   Candy  Votes 
1 Kitkat 10
2 Candy Corn 6
3 Twix 5
4 Hershey Kiss 3
5 Jolly Rancher 3
6 Smarties 2
7 Sour Patch 2
8 Reeses  2
9 Hershey’s Cookies And Cream Bar 1
10 Snickers  1
11 Swedish Fish 1
12 Caramel Apple Lollipops 1
13 Starburst  1
14 Almond Joy 1
15 Milkyway 1
16 Gummy Worms 1
17 Almond Hershey’s 1
18 Laffy Taffy 1
19 Gummy Burgers 1