Everyone is quite happy that as high schoolers, we’re allowed to go out to lunch. The question is, where to go (within 5 blocks of WESS) and how cheap can it get?


Some of my personal favorites are Bonmi (Vietnamese place, a little pricey), West End Super (a deli with a wide variety of foods for a pretty good price), Bread’s Bakery (high-quality food, but pricey), Dumpling Place (Asian food that’s delicious and moderately priced), and Whole Foods (tons of different foods, the price depends on what you get). Turnstyle Market is also an option but it can get a little more on the expensive side. 


Bonmi – Vietnamese, 60th and West End

Bonmi serves up a variety of soups, salads, noodles, and rice bowls. You can create your own bowls and sandwiches with various meats, proteins, vegetables, and sauces. A sandwich without any of the possible add-ons that cost extra is about $8.00, and if you share one with your friend you only have to cough up 4 bucks for a pretty big half of a delicious sandwich. 


Olympic Flame Diner

The Flame serves basically anything you could ever imagine. From octopus to fries. And it comes quickly no matter what you order, which is good for the lunchtime limit. The prices are good, but generally, depending on what you get. Almost everyone I interviewed reported it being “good food, good service, and not too much money”. 


La Salle Dumpling Room

While I’ve only been there once, the Dumpling Room has some of the most delicious Asian food that has ever been in my mouth. They offer all types of dumplings, like steam fried pork and vegetable. They also have fried rice where you can choose the protein in it. About 6 steam fried dumplings cost about $7.50 which isn’t too bad because it’s so delicious. Not many of the people that I have interviewed have heard of it, but the ones who have, they have raving reviews. 


Breads Bakery

Breads Bakery is a high-end bakery where one can get pastries, bread, and fancy sandwiches. When I went, I got the avocado sandwich for about $8.00 and was just in awe about how delicious it was. One of my friends got a cinnamon roll and the other got a chocolate croissant. So if you are craving something sweet, or something savory, bread bakery is the place for you. It’s a bit on the expensive side, unfortunately, but would be a great once a month treat. 


West End Super

West End Super is a deli on 65th street and west end. You can get a bagel for a buck or hot food for up to $10.00. They also make smoothies and coffee for about $5.00, and soup for only $3. There’s fruit, yogurt, and even ice cream. Mia Blattmachr is a big fan of the deli, “The price depends on what you get, but if you only have a few dollars and want to buy lunch, I definitely recommend West End Super. 


Whole Foods

Everyone knows about Whole Foods: a market with literally every (organic) food you could ever want. It’s a bit of a walk from WESS, but still within the five-block radius. I once managed to get lunch there for, under a dollar, I did only get carrots and free crackers, but it was still very filling. No matter how much money you have, you can always count on finding something at Whole Foods. 



The Donuttery is a bakery inside Turnstyle Market that makes tiny donuts right in front of you. You can get a dozen for about $10.00 and can pick your flavor. They have flavors such as sriracha, cinnamon sugar, berry and more. If you have a sweet tooth, the Donuttery is a great place for you to go for dessert or even a snack. 



Starbucks is a classic, with its delicious drinks and desserts. You could get a sandwich to suffice for an actual meal, or you could just get a drink. It’s generally really crowded and hard to find a seat, but sometimes you get lucky and it’s a little emptier. Unfortunately, it’s generally overpriced but still is a quick and close option.



With a wide variety of bagels and toppings, pick-a-bagel is a delicious option. It can get really crowded, making the lines go out the door on the other hand. If you’re willing to brave long lines for delicious bagels for a good price then I definitely recommend Pick-a-Bagel.


That is it for my reviews on this edition. I’m sorry if I left out any of your favorites, these are just what came to mind. I hope this helps you pick out your next lunch!