Getting to Know Our New Teachers (and Ellyn)

Annabelle Alton

With the nature of building a new school, there are many new teachers. Who are they and where did they come from? I spoke to Addison, Rowena, and Travis, the new 9th grade additions to the WESS staff to get their opinions on the school environment, and why they are where they are today. 


Why did you come to Wess?

Rowena: A former co-worker and friend, Marie, was working here and said it was a good environment to be a teacher. 


Addison: I wanted a change 


Travis: I knew the students are awesome and there is an amazing principal that I wanted to work for. 


Ellyn: Jessica’s vision of what the school could be. I thought I could teach in a way I always wanted to teach. Throw the textbooks out the window and be creative. 


Why do you teach the subject you teach?

Rowena: I think that if we don’t know where we came from, we don’t know why our world is the way it is today. We can use the stories of people from the past to understand our present and the future. Teaching history educates students about how to use past injustices to help us battle injustices today.


Addison: Because I think math is important and helps explain the world and think out of the box. 


Travis: Science is a passion of mine and I find it super interesting. Especially astronomy. 


Ellyn: History was the one subject in school I always really liked and was into.


How are you liking school so far?

Rowena: I feel welcomed by the teachers and students. 


Addison: I like it so far, why not?


Travis: Yeah, I have been very impressed with the students and I like that all of them have a good sense of humor. 

Ellyn: I like it. I’m not going anywhere.


How do you feel about the school allowing computers?

Rowena: I like having computers. I have not used computers in a classroom this much before and I like it. Although now that the copy machine was fixed, I will be using much more paper. 


Travis: I like them for 9th grade because you can do more and it is practicing a skill you can use in college. Though, research shows that when you read from a computer, your reading comprehension is lower. 


Ellyn: I don’t like computers for the sixth grade because I find it too distracting.


What study habits do you recommend?

Rowena: Review materials and class metals to refresh memory and then read over notes and assignments from earlier in the year. Make a calendar for projects so you pace yourself and use your time appropriately. 


Addison: Always go over your notes and google classroom learning targets.  


Travis: Review almost ten minutes and quiz yourself every day. That will make your life 1,000 times easier. There is also a lot of good resources on youtube. 


Ellyn: Turn off your phone and don’t surf the internet. Essentially focus and remove all distractions. Stop being so obsessed with your friends. Your friends will be there when you walk out of the building, but they won’t be there when you walk across the stage.