Why Starbucks is a Ripoff

Eden Zamir

The conveniently placed Starbucks on 62nd remains empty for most of the day, waiting for the end of the school day for the students from WESS, Gateway, Heschel, and Coligent to flock towards it.  More and more people are going to Starbucks on a daily basis, but what they may not realize is that they are wasting a lot of money. 

Starbucks drinks are delicious, but you can buy coffee at a deli that is not only cheaper but probably better. Even at Dunkin Donuts, a small iced coffee is $1.99 while at Starbucks it is $2.25. 

Starbucks iced drinks have more ice than liquid, making the portions smaller. Even with all of these factors, some still do go to Starbucks because it is convenient and the food and drinks are of high quality. Starbucks is the epitome of quality over quantity.

According to ninth-grader Adriana McMahon, “There is a lot of sugar and it is kind of expensive.” This is true because Starbucks either puts a lot of ice or a lot of milk so they can use less coffee and make it more expensive. 

Even though some might go to Starbucks because they prefer the taste, they should consider the ratio of money to the actual drink. Like the vast majority of people, Adriana goes to Starbucks because it’s convenient, without considering the actual cost. 

 Also, according to ninth-grader Alina Hadzovic, “It is way too overpriced.” When you do go to Starbucks you have to wait in a line that sometimes takes a really long time to get something so small and so overpriced. But coffee places like Dunkin Donuts have bigger cups of coffee for the same price as a small cup of coffee in Starbucks. In Doucin Donuts the lines move a lot faster so if you are in a hurry and need a  cup of coffee you can get one there. All in all, some people might go to Starbucks because it is easy to get to, but Starbucks is a ripoff. Enjoy the most expensive cup of ice around.