Venom Movie Review

Kirby Oppenheimer, Staff Writer

For people who like Marvel, the newly released movie “Venom” might just be the movie for you. The movie stars an Antihero, a symbiote who merges with Eddie Brock, a reporter. Like many other pieces in the MCU, Venom is based on a select number of comics. It is based on the comic book runs “Lethal Protector” and “Planet of the Symbiotes.” Still, it doesn’t exactly follow the comics in which Venom comes down to earth to combine with Spiderman, and not Eddie Brock. In the movie, however, Venom, along with other symbiotes, is abducted by a spaceship searching for habitable planets and does not include Spiderman. Aside from that plot point, the movie is really great. If you are a big comic fan then you might be annoyed because the movie does not follow the comics. But overall the acting, story, and plot are all quality. This movie is for people that enjoy the MCU and dark humor.