Goodreads Review

Does anyone like to read? And if so does anyone have a favorite book to read? 

The 9th grade class was introduced to a new way to track our reading and share our progress with our classmates. This website is called “Goodreads.” There are many benefits of Goodreads such as being matched with books that align with your interests and rating books to suggest them for others. Chrissy Grenier, a ninth grade English teacher who helped introduce the site, says, “It’s a really fun way for kids to get into reading because it makes it a social experience.” 


Goodreads gives you the opportunity so you can look up books you have never gotten a chance to read. 


 Even though the website has many great aspects, one of the problems is that you cannot read the suggested books right away. When you click the book, you can only read a blurb. Just from a blurb, it’s hard to tell if the book is worth a read. That problem isn’t that hard to fix since there is a special tab where you can read the reviews of the book to get others’ takes. Each reviewer will also give the book a rating out of five stars, which is a quick way to scan for new books. This is ninth-grader Sara Greenberg’s favorite aspect. “Goodreads is helpful because you get to see people’s reviews of the book.”


You can also check in on what your friends are reading and if you share common interests in the books with them. Ninth-grader Djeneba Sanogo stated, “It introduces me to new books, and I want to start reading more. Because the books at my home library are boring.” Goodreads to the rescue to spice up our virtual libraries.