What’s up with Student Council

Pilar Gomes

Hello, I am Pilar Gomes and I am a member of Student Council. Right now the council is trying to make a monthly report in the school paper where we can inform the student body what we have been doing and accomplishing. Here is a list so far:


Working on buying a vending machine.

 Vending Machines have been a goal for the majority of the Student Council members. Many of us said in our elections how we were going to make this possible, and we are working hard to make sure that this idea becomes a reality. Right now, Emilia Gooden and Pilar Gomes are doing background on the prices of the Vending Machine and the supplies that come with it. Pilar had a meeting with our principal. Jessica has just informed Student Council that she has bought a vending machine and it will be coming in around three weeks. So get hungry, and get ready for some new snacks! 

-An argument about grades up to a four (email us your opinion). 

There has been some controversy about the grading techniques used in high school. Right now, the student council is divided. Half of the group thinks that re-engagement should be up to a four, while others completely disagree. Some say that re-engagement up to a four will create less stress for kids who struggle with anxiety about a test, while some say that if you fail a test, you have not exceeded mastery and therefore should not be able to get a four. This controversy is being shared with Jessica, and Malek is working on creating a poll that will give student council more insight into what the students want.

Deciding how to manage the student lounge. 

The Student Lounge is something that has been given by the teachers for the Student Body to enjoy! However, the Student Council is trying to figure out exactly how to use the student lounge so that it is used well and in an organized fashion. Right now, the council is brainstorming ideas to regulate the Student Lounge as well as make times so that everyone can use it during different times in the day. There have been complaints about the level of dirt and food that has been leftover in the lounge. The student council is trying desperately to work out a solution that will leave the Lounge clean and a place that the high schoolers can enjoy!

-Talent show! 

The talent show was very successful last year, and the student council is considering bringing it back this year. The student council wants to please the student body as best as they can, and we think that the talent show would be a fun idea to show the new talent that hasn’t been seen before! Jacqueline Lovci and Catherine Auerbach have both started talking to Jessica and other teachers on how we can make this show a reality for the second year in a row! 

-Improving crew lessons. 

Right now, some people feel as if the crew is as more like a free period, a time where the same basic repetitive things are learned. It has been a common goal of Student Council to fix these changes. We’ve talked to the teachers, and are going to be surveying the student body to gauge interest on certain topics, and you’re opinions on involvement.

Finally, If you want to listen in on any of our meetings, you are free to come and watch quietly. We are located in the Computer Lab, third floor, on Tuesdays during lunch. 


If you have any comments, feedback or requests please let us know.

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