Short Story by Mia Blattmachr

Mia Blattmachr

I grabbed my worn down Nike sneakers and put them on my tired feet. My usual sweater was in the laundry, so I took a random coat from the closet. I found $5 in the pocket and put it in my wallet. It was getting late, so I rushed out of my house. I could see that more parts of the roof were falling off from the storm we had the night before. I saw the school bus coming in the distance, so I ran to the stop. 


The bus pulled up, and I could see the sad eyes of the bus driver looking at the road ahead. The doors opened, and I climbed in. All of the kids were being loud as usual. Papers and pencils were being thrown, and it seemed as though everyone was yelling at each other. I took my usual seat in the back. Someone had spilled a drink on it, so I sat on the very edge to avoid staining my dark blue jeans. 


“Hey, you over there! Do you have the math homework?” a kid named Derek yelled. His dark brown hair curled over his forehead and his eyes were dark and mean.


“Uh, yea,” I replied in a small voice.


“Well, don’t just sit there. Take it out!” he snapped.


I rummaged through my backpack and took out my crumpled Pre-Calc worksheet. The kid snached it from my hands, and walked away with it. He and his friends were copying everything down. It didn’t look like I was getting it back. I sighed and sat back in my seat. This was going to be a long day.



By the time the bus pulled up to school, the rain was starting to come down. Everyone rushed off the bus and ran straight into the building. I took my time and slowly walked to the front. I looked at the bus driver, who still had a blank stare. His eyes were red and his pupils were completely dilated. His hands were still gripping the steering wheel, and his knuckles were white. Slightly concerned, I got off the bus and didn’t look back. It was starting to pour now, so I put my hood up and walked inside. 


What do you think should happen next?


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