Part-Time Indian Review

Kirby Oppenheimer

“But we reservation Indians don’t get to realize our dreams. We don’t get those chances. Or choices. We’re just poor. That’s all we are.” Part-Time Indian tells a story about a Native American teenager named Junior who lives on a reservation in Spokane, Washington. This book is a work of fiction written by Sherman Alexie who, like the main character, also grew up on a reservation. This book is good for high school kids.

Part-Time Indian is about how Junior really wants to escape the reservation because he wants to be successful and life on the reservation is holding him back. Junior wants to fit in but he struggles to fit in on his reservation and at the new school.

The reservation holds him back because it is poor and does not have any opportunities. The book also shows how friendship can help people start to assimilate and it helps people become happier. Throughout the book, Junior takes risks to make his life better. I think this book would appeal to anyone who tried to fit in or be a success. Junior is a character you root for throughout the book, therefore, I really recommend it.