March Horoscopes

Daisy Koffler

Pisces – Happy Birthday Pisces! This is your month! This month, keep an eye out for your energy and health but there is also a lot of hope and success for this November. Higher grades will come your way. Your friends and family are always happy to be in your presence. You are focused on achievements and focusing like a laser. Go for the gold!

Make sure to focus in school and that will make you do very well. Time management will be key. Although it is compelling to always be with friends or on your phone, discipline is essential. This month will be a test of self-reliance, you can do it though! 

ScorpioYou are very success-driven and ready to face anything that comes your way. You decide all of your own success. You get what you give in. 

Venus moves away from Planet Earth and on November 11th, Mars joins with the sun and protects you. Mars is a planet of action. This is your month to be bold. Follow your passions and your heart as Mars is in your sign. This only occurs every two years, so it is exciting when it happens!

Libra – This is your time. You are more confident than ever and you feel great. This is your month for new relationships. Jupiter is here for you, and that is where your confidence is coming from! This is also your time academically. You are ready to learn about new things and your grades will be better than ever. 

Your health and wellness are better than ever too. You will get enough sleep and eat a balanced diet. This will do wonders for your everyday life. This is also your time to take on new responsibilities or start new activities. You can handle it!

Taurus – Are you ready Taurus? Now it is time to be as effective as possible. Since you are an earth sign, you function in a simple and routine manner. This is your month! Taurus is represented as a strong bull, so this is your month to be fierce! This sign is ruled by Venus and the Moon has full strength, and so do you! 

Although you are going to be single this month, it will motivate you to focus on friends, family, school, and yourself! Get ready for awesome adventures with your bestie this November! 

Capricorn – Go Capricorn! You are so hardworking and organized! For you, this November is about spending extra time in school and using full effort. Your grades will reflect the benefits and earning these grades will make you feel happy and you won’t complain! And don’t worry, your focus on school won’t take away from family and friends. 

This month, you must keep your energy levels high! Try meditation. If you do both of these, you’re going to feel great all of November!

Cancer – This month, you might be focusing on emotions and how you feel – not always in a good way. However, your sign will also focus on fitness, creativity, and academics. Your achievements this month will be determined by your time management. If you do this, there is success in your pathway!

Even though you will be focusing on school, it will be influenced by creativity and your own interests. You will be more innovative than ever! Whatever success you have been desiring will come your way! This will be an overall busy, fun, and hard-working month for you!

Aries – Aries is the first sign among all the zodiacs! Words that describe you are willpower, innocence, and determination! Mars leads you. This month shows fabulous work ethics in school and you will be healthy. 

Investing time into school will pay off. Your friends can help you out by studying together and making it fun. After working in the school for a while, you go on adventures because you have already devoted enough of your mind to school. Now let it go free! This month you will exercise and maybe try yoga. This is going to be a fun but challenging month. You got this!

Gemini – People with this sign are associated with qualities such as intelligence, energy, and passion. Geminis have many different sides to their personality. This is going to be a fun and action-packed month for you. 

Don’t let outside distractions get in the way of your schoolwork. Make sure to keep up with all that is happening around you. Keep your friends close. When it comes to school, your friends will be a big help. Although it can be difficult to focus, this month shows a great future for you. 

Virgo – Virgos are often school – aholics! You will spend hours and hours on school work. You take your time to do things right. Sometimes Virgos can be shy and kind. Your focus this month is your family and emotions. You are always supportive of those around you, especially this month. 

As the planets move, you are dependant on others and surround yourself with the company you enjoy. You also will adapt easily. This will be a month of accomplishments for you and a lot of personal growth. Your primary focus in not school but you will still earn good grades. Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays will bring you most positivity this November! Get ready for a great month. 

Aquarius – This sign is typically someone who is outgoing and friendly. You have friends. Sometimes it is hard to balance time between family and friends. Your emotions come second to your focus on school. 

By the fourth of November, you can make all of your own decisions and plan your future based on the movements of the planets. You will have lots of energy and motivation to meet your goals. You progress in school a noticeable amount this November. You’ve got this!

Leo – You are brave and kind. You want to make a name for yourself and you are naturally a great leader, especially in group projects! November is a positive month for you. School will be fun and you will understand the work. Make sure to pay attention in class if not you will fall behind. 

Make sure to get a lot of sleep this month, or your days will feel long and stressful. If you are tired, how can you hang out with friends and family, and keep up with school work? Use your bravery to face all kinds of challenges. This is going to be a great month as long as you are conscious of what is expected of you! 

Sagittarius – You are very independent. You are not afraid to speak your mind. You will prioritize your family and friends over school this month. This month you are focused on having fun and feeling happy. Anything you have been working on for a while will improve because the planets are also moving forward. 

Any issues you are having with other people will not get out of hand and it will not stop you from meeting your goals. You are naturally assertive and people listen to you. Anything personal you have been working towards, you will succeed. Your wildest dreams may even come true! Take advantage of Mondays and Tuesdays this week, as they will bring you good luck!