Vending Machines Pros and Cons


Eric Fischer, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Mia Blattmachr and Emily Kaplan

Why vending machines should be put into more schools

Vending machines are a very controversial topic when it comes to the school environment. Some may say that vending machines can be unhealthy and a distraction, but in reality, they are beneficial for both the students and WESS. First of all, they can help fuel our students throughout the day. Let’s say you’re unfocused in class. You are hungry and paying attention is difficult when all you can think about is your next meal. If there was a vending machine, this problem would be resolved very quickly. The vending machine could be filled with healthy and nutritious snacks that can give you a boost. In addition, buying from a vending machine would support our school. It could give funds that could go toward field trips, classroom supplies, sports teams, clubs, and much more. Even though buying a vending machine is expensive, it would be a long-term investment that would help schools make an extra buck. 


Why vending machines shouldn’t be put into more schools

Did you know that getting killed by a vending machine is more likely than getting killed by a shark? Vending machines are quite a controversial topic in schools. While they are a quick and easy way to get a snack, this isn’t the case in a school environment. They are distractions, can cause messes, are hazardous and are generally unhealthy. 

Imagine a Monday morning and there’s a line of 15 students waiting to get something from the vending machine. Class is about to start and students are yearning for a bag of chips or a cookie. Someone just spilled their drink and people are slipping on the sticky wet mess. In class, all the students can think about is eating or drinking their unhealthy snacks. They can’t focus because the chips are calling their names. Later, you hear a scream and find someone with blood spurting out of where their arm used to be. An ambulance comes and they never have their arm again, all because of a vending machine. Although perhaps not as dramatic, all the points made apply to our school. A student at WESS says, “vending machines themselves aren’t bad, and they would be a great way to raise money for our school. But the upkeep of vending machines is expensive and can distract from learning”.


In conclusion, now are you convinced that vending machines are a distractful danger to the school that would only be a huge cost with little profit and causes crowds and inconvenience?


So, students of WESS, do you think we should get a vending machine?