Five Productive Activities To Do During COVID-19 Quarantine 

Daisy Koffler

  1. Organize a Messy Closet 

One way to use all of this spare time at home is to organize something messy. Closets can quickly become disorganized but can take hours to restore their neatness. Being stuck in the house creates the perfect time to focus on some reorganization. 

  1. Bake Yummy Snacks

Baking is a super fun activity to do when you’re forced to be home! There are many online recipes that make great snacks with minimal ingredients. Take this time at home to practice baking skills and forget the calories! Here is a simple banana bread recipe that I have used in the past. 

  1. Do an Art Project

What’s more fun than crafting? Revive your inner kindergartener. Use the free time to start a super cool art project and learn new skills! Pinterest and YouTube provide endless inspiration and instruction. Happy crafting! 

  1. Exercise

Finding the time to work out can be super difficult. Use this extra time to work out a little bit everyday! It keeps the mind and body well. Workouts can be done at home or in the park, both of which can practice social distancing. Planet Fitness is creating free online workout videos to help people stay in shape while gyms are closed. Click here to watch one of these videos!

5. Read a Book 

Get comfy at home and read a captivating book. Use this time off to read a good book if you don’t usually get to do this in a normal week of school.